Home Grown!

It’s now Spring, and at last our garden is beginning to pay its way. We’re finally able to pick our own produce! My husband, Graham, bought two raised garden plots in Summer, filled them with compost and soil and then planted some seeds.

First up were the baby carrots, lots and lots of baby carrots, coming up so thickly it was hard to thin them without pulling up too many. We more or less left them alone, and picked some now and then, tiny carrots brushed off and consumed with satisfaction!

Then the basil came along. Actually, thinking back, that may have happened the other way around, it doesn’t matter. We have lots of carrots and lots of basil. We also have capsicums growing, and we’ve had a couple of tomatoes, mature enough to eat. So far, in terms of taste, the tomatoes are the winners. The tomatoes grew from compost made with vegetable peelings, etc, and are cocktail tomato size, a delicious mouthful of flavour!

The baby carrots are OK, but not brilliant, and the basil is tasty, but basil is basil… The capsicums are still growing and we don’t know whether they’ll be great in flavour or just good. What else? Hmm, the beans were OK, but nothing wonderful. But, like the basil I think, beans are beans…

We’ve had some super dooper heat waves which may have had an impact on the vegetables as they grew, I don’t know. The weather is cooler now, I hope with no more heat waves to come. I’m excited watching the tomatoes growing from the blossoms, and I hope all of the little green blobs turn into delicious red flavour bombs!

When I go out into the vegetable garden area, I still take a look at how things are going, and I still pull up some carrots. I usually wait to eat them now though, the thrill of growing our own has dimmed a little, and I bring them inside and wash them!

Growing your own (or having your husband do it), is the way to go!


8 thoughts on “Home Grown!

  1. johnlmalone says:

    I must talk to my friend at Aldinga about this as her garden is all flowers and herbs. There is certailnly enough land for a veggie patch


  2. Have you ever heard of Lolo Houbein? A South Australian author who knows much about growing food in minimal spaces. She speaks passionately about her subject and is interesting to hear. I’ve included a link so you can read more – you may already know Lolo.


    We ate our first capsicum with our dinner last night – I had a bit of it when it was being cut up – it had the loveliest strong capsicum flavour I’ve ever experienced, delicious!


  3. About half an hour ago, my dear husband picked a tiny little tomato from our vegetable patch and gave it to me. I took the teeny little red thing, only just larger than a pea and popped it in my mouth and crunched down on it.
    What a luscious and juicy little morsel off tomato wonderfulness it was! I love our homegrown tomatoes, they’re reminding me of what tomatoes are supposed to taste like!


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