Dangers not just from Strangers

This link has some sobering thoughts on the subject of Stranger Danger, and the actual truth of the matter – it’s not just strangers who commit awful crimes against children…



12 thoughts on “Dangers not just from Strangers

  1. There are abused women and girls all around the world, at home, in the workplace, at school, everywhere, perhaps in a home near you, or your own home.
    Abused women and girls aren’t all wandering around cities at night with revealing clothes… None of them are ‘asking for it’.


  2. Yes it is indeed John. Sharing stories, talking about how wrong these things are, it’s always to bring these formerly hidden things out. I’ve been heartened when sharing my own personal stroies with others who understand, or at least honestly are trying to understand.


  3. Thank you for telling me that John. I’m thrilled whenever I know someone will be reading that book. The book has a slice of me in it, and sharing it helps my heart and confidence grow stronger. I posted a copy of it yesterday, to the mother of a woman who has just been diagnosed with MS. I hope my words will bring hope to them both…


  4. johnlmalone says:

    I am sure your words will. Your poems, however, have a wider application when one considers that ms can be seen as a sort of metaphor, about the human spirit overcoming difficulties. This is not to belittle ms but to elevate it.


  5. Thank you John. I’ve just put the word out to members of a Facebook group to see if any of them are interested in a Creative Writing Workshop, a safe place to look at and perhaps work through some of the things that are affecting them. If I get enough interest and possibly support from organisations, there’s no telling how big this could be…


    • Not growing quite yet, two members of the group are keen but both are a long way from where I am – far north and way over the southern side of the metro area… Perhaps I would begin an online thing? In fact I may well look into doing that… I’ll think on it a little longer.


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