Fun and Games

We have four dogs at our place. All of them have been show dogs, some for longer than others. They were pets as well as being show dogs, and all live in our house and yard, no locking them up in kennels all day. All of them are now pets.

Two of the dogs sleep in our room at night the other two sleep in our son’s room. There is one male dog, and three girls. The oldest of them, Nena, is a standard schnauzer, the rest are pharaoh hounds – the oldest, Ananka, is mother of the other two (Lah Dee and his little sister Missy). 

At the moment, the two pharaoh girls are in season, and Lah Dee is being a pain, whinging and harassing poor Nena. Nena is desexed, but Lah Dee doesn’t care, he knows someone is in season, and Nena is a girl dog, that seems to be good enough for him… Nena’s been growling at him, but he doesn’t care – he’s bigger than her and he’s obsessed.

Looking at the dogs is always an interesting thing, seeing the way they organise things. At the moment the pharaoh girls are shut away up the other end of the house, and right now, Lah Dee and Nena are both lying down peacefully on the sofa. Oh, now someone’s come home, woof woof, and quiet again…

The three pharaoh hounds have been sick, from Monday, when we took them to see a vet, a new vet, at the Roseworthy Veterinary clinic. We were impressed with the facilities there, and the people there were impressed with our pharaoh hounds, who were on their best behaviour, probably because they were quite sick. They all had temps of 39, and all had the runs, in a big and messy way. Sometimes having dogs sleepin in your room is a bad, bad idea!

They all seem to be benefitting from the tablets they’re on, with night times being much calmer and far less messy. The joys of having pets, you get a good look at the realities of life. birth, death and the messy smelly bits in the middle, and happy waggy tails too.

Life with dogs is a good life!



9 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. johnlmalone says:

    good luck. I don’t think it will happen 🙂 Caty and I have a really hectic time coming up but we will make Gawler again, this year hopefully. trust all is well


    • I’m going well, just home from staying with my mumm for two days/nights. Now my brother is there with her. I’m looking forward to a great day tomorrow, with the writing workshop in the morning and then the usual Gawler Poets at the Pub in the afternoon (and a lovely lunch of course!)


    • I don’t think I’ve ever been to see the cats at the Royal Show… that seems a little weird, now that I’ve realised it. Someone I know from dog showing is also mad keen on showing cats. Her daughter helps her at cat shows, I think, while her husband concentrates on the dogs. I’m told cat showing is nastier than the dog show scene – that was bad enough fo me – creative writing is much nicer!

      I’m glad you had a great time there. We’re not going to the show this year, the first time for very many years…


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