What is a Dog?

What is a dog?

sofa dogs

A dog is a friend, companion, garbage disposal unit and guard.

A dog is a comfort, a joy, an irritation and a threat.

A dog is a trip hazard and a steady thing to lean on.

A dog is a child watcher, a teacher and a life lesson.

A dog is a non-judgemental listener.

A dog is the best thing a broken-hearted person can have.

A dog is a heart-breaker too.

A dog is a poetry prompt, A book inspiration and an interested listener to book readings

A dog is the best thing you can have in a family!

Photo from back when the first print run of my first self-published book came out. Currnetly promoting my thrid print run!  "Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs"

Photo from back when the first print run of my first self-published book came out. Currently promoting my third print run.
“Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”

I’ve thought long about what dogs mean to my life, and I know that the day there are no longer any dogs in my life will be a very sad day indeed. Dogs help to keep me centred, they make me get up and do stuff, and they amuse me enormously. Dogs have their own rules for living well, and I’ve certainly learned a lot from our dogs about this.

Dogs know the value of having a good rest, and eating stuff when stuff is there to be eaten. I get quite philosphical sometimes, when I sit outside watching the dogs as they run and sniff, watch and chase. I don’t like all of the things our dogs do, but I love all of them, all four of our dogs, and all of the lovely dogs I’ve met over my lifetime.

If I die and come back in life, I’d love to come back as a dog, and live with someone who loves me as much as I love them!


4 thoughts on “What is a Dog?

  1. Wow, you think so? It was just me playing around with my thoughts as I sat on the back veranda, watching our pack of canines …

    I may take it further and turn it into a book too! Re-purposing is my new recycling!


    • Yes that is so true. My four dogs have good points and bad ones. They entertain me a lot, but they irritate me sometimes too. They al lhave their own personalities to some extent, and I hope I never have to live without any dogs. They keep me focussed on the basics in life, and they show me much love!


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