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A Brilliant Idea? Or Not?

When I was out in the backyard today, watching out for snakes and preparing to do pooper scooper duties for our four dogs out there with me, I had what may be the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. Or it may be a pile os shit, I’m not sure. Just because it seemed inspirational to me, doesn’t mean it actually is a fantastic, or even a good, idea.

That’s why I’m putting the idea ‘out there’ hoping some one far cleverer than is able to follow up on it. So this is the background to my idea. I am the owner of four dogs – one aging standard schnauzer, and one oldish pharaoh hound and her two children, a boy and a girl from her two litters of puppies. The dogs are all medium sized dogs, with the usual habits of their breeds. We love them and care about them. But with four dogs, poop is an issue you can’t ignore.

And we live out in the country, to the north of Adelaide in the Mallala district. It’s a lovely place to live, but heat can be a problem, and of course flies can be a problem too. I am so sick of having to wave flies away, out of my eyes, my nose, my mouth. I am so over flies!

So my idea was that it would be wonderful if we could feed something that was not toxic to our dogs, that when they pooped, the resulting product was super-sticky, and any flies that landed on it couldn’t get away. Then, when one of us picks up the poop and puts it in the poop bucket, the flies can’t secape and they go in there too, to be thrown into the pit dug for the purpose of disposal of said poop.

So, what do others think? It would certainly decrease the number of flies in our backyard, and that would be a great thing. Any scientists out there able to give it some thought? I sure hope so!


2 thoughts on “A Brilliant Idea? Or Not?

  1. Marie Bryan says:

    Simply brilliant! I wish I was scientific or inventive enough to run with it. It would solve a lot of fly problems–kind of like an edible, non-toxic flypaper for dogs!


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