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My Weight Loss Secret

I am currently at my ideal weight for my height, and have been there for quite some time. This in spite of eating sweet things not low calorie things when I dine out, and eating chocolate at home quite often. I haven’t been doing much exercise lately, but my weight is still good – 50kg and and I’m five foot nothing.

What is my secret, I hear you ask? Not so quickly … I have several medical reasons why I want to keep my weight down, and which are important to consider re exercise. I have a bung-ish knee, I have the chronic illness multiple sclerosis. The knee isn’t too painful, but keeping my weight where it’s best suited is good for it, and if I exercise to vigorously, it hurts my knee. The multiple sclerosis means keeping active is both good for me, and potentially impacted, in terms of balance and fatigue.

I’ve discovered an easy exercise program that suits me well enough, but at the moment I seem to have fallen into a ‘don’t feel like it’ period. I think if the desserts and sweet things start showing up with my weight, I’ll have the incentive to get back exercising.

Anyway, back to the point – How did I lose my weight (10kg over a couple of years), and keep it off? It’s not a wonder drug, or a fancy machine. The secret to my weight loss win is simple mathematics. When you use up more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It may take a while to kick in, and it may not bring weight loss quickly, but if you continue to watch what you eat, and eat enough of the good stuff but not too much, you too can get to your ideal weight.

I would recommend a visit to a dietician to talk about your plans, but just learning to be more mindful with your eating, you’ll realise where you may have been going wrong. I used to eat all of the food on my plate, and would sometimes not eat enough fruit and vegetables. I’ve got better at it all now, and I’m finding that a few months of fasting several times a week helped me to learn what actual hunger feels like.

I learned to ignore my head, and listen to my body, regarding hunger. The average person can easily go on a reduced amount of food every now and then. I know I did, and I’m showing the good results from it!


4 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Secret

  1. Marie Bryan says:

    I believe in the ATM approach to weight management: All Things in Moderation. I don’t think depriving oneself of all the things one likes is going to work in the long run. And exercise, of course! I’m glad your program is working so well for you!


  2. Thank you Marie! I completely agree with you about the All Things in Moderation approach. I limit the chocolate to a small amound of top quality chocolate, and I limit the sweet treats to less than every day. I may have a muffin or cookie when I have a coffee if I’m out, but I would only rarely have a main course as well as dessert when dining out. I’m more likely to forego the main course and just order dessert.
    I’m discovering a sweet tooth I didn’t realise I had! But not every day, and not too much!


    • I agree, evening mealtime used to be when the family all sat down together and talked about the day they’d had, and what was planned for later. Now, for most of us, the television takes pride of place and talking to each other doesn’t happen.

      And when you’re focussing on the TV, you’re not paying attention to what you’re eating and tend to eat more than you actually would if you were listening to your body. Mindful eating is an important part of weight loss.


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