Thinking about the Labyrinth …

I’ve been thinking about labyrinths a lot in the past couple of weeks. I’m not really sure why, but suspect my impending mindfulness workshops happening every Monday in May could have something to do with it. The Labyrinth is a peaceful and inspiring place to be, and thinking in a mindful way has the same result.

Walking the labyrinth is a magical thing I know I could be doing far more often than I have done. I can count the number of times I’ve walked a labyrinth on one hand. But I’d need many hands to count the number of times I’ve thought about walking a labyrinth.

I’ve written about walking a labyrinth, here is a recent article about it. There’s a poem in the article, a poem I wrote some years ago. I’ve searched my computer to try to find out how long ago it was I wrote the poem, but beyond ascertaining it existed in 2013, and was created earlier than that, I really don’t know how long it was …

I won’t stress myself trying to find out – the fact of the existence of the poem is all that matters. I will be at peace with the ‘not knowing’ and will think no more bad thoughts about it. The ‘beingness’ of the poem is enough. The main thing I get from walking the labyrinth is the calm and peaceful contentment of just being in the moment. Not doing, just being.

In this so busy day and age, just being is such a glorious thing. If my readers are interested in knowing how they could make their own labyrinth, this website seems like a useful one. So there you have it, the labyrinth is a wondrous thing, calming, not confusing. Please don’t confuse labyrinths and mazes. A maze couldĀ stress you out, a labyrinth will calm you down!

If you’ve ever walked a labyrinth, I’d love to read about it! Leave a message so all can know how it was for you …