Reasons Why I love the Garden

  1. I love the garden because it’s colourfulΒ blue flowers
  2. I love the garden because it’s fruitful
  3. I love the garden because it’s peacefulabove the fish pond
  4. I love the garden because it strongly links me with Nature – the birds love the garden, and I love to watch the birds who visit our garden
  5. I love the garden because a garden is the loveliest place to benapowrimo 13 pine pic
  6. I love the garden because it adds greatly to my creative self
    Photo from back when the first print run of my first self-published book came out. Currnetly promoting my thrid print run!  "Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs"

    Photo from back of my book about gardening from a dogs point of view, when the first print run of this, my first self-published book came out.
    “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”

    Yes the garden is a lovely place – at the moment we have snow peas plants producing food for us, with tiny new snow pea plants growing, and soon enough I expect we’ll have all of the snow peas we need for ourselves, I love snow peas! My favourite vegetable, I think.

    When I sit out in the garden, my mind calms down, and wonderful thoughts occur at times. Serenity rules in my garden time, until the dogs or perhaps the air force have other ideas! But even these things can’t take away from the lovely things the garden does for my head and my body, slowly calming down, with stress leaving my body.

    I have an almost spiritual feeling for the garden, and for Nature in general, I love it so much. I feel sorry for people who don’t have a garden to love. Do you love the garden too?


A New Book, Yay, Yay, a New Book!

A New book, now that’s howlingly good news. It’s not out yet, but it’s in the middle of being created, with many words written so far, and illustrations being thought about. This great book, well worth woofing about, is the follow-up to my first book written by “Buster” (with help from me, Carolyn Cordon), about dogs and gardens. That book was called “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”.

The sequel will be called “Doggone It!Β MindfulnessΒ from aΒ Dog’s Point of View”.


As you can imagine this book will be different from the first one. This book gets more into Buster’s mind as he ponders on what the mindful dog thinks versus what the non-mindful dog thinks (or doesn’t think!). If you enjoyed Dig It!, I’m sure you’ll love Doggone it. And if you’ve never read Dig It!, why not head here to read a little about it!

If you’re not sure about what mindfulness means, take look here. This site is particularly relevant to Doggone It, as these seven pillars are basically what the book Buster and I worked on cover. Obviously we used our own words – the way Buster sees these important pillars is different than the way Jon Zabat-Zinn, the author of “Full Catastrophe Living”, where these pillars are discussed more fully. I’ll bet Jon wouldn’t have wondered whether or not anyone had peed on those seven pillars!

Dogs and human see things in life differently, and different dogs see things differently from each other too. As is mentioned in “Doggone It”, different breeds can have different attitudes. And even within each dog breed, there are still dogs who are still not the norm for their breed. There are cross breeds and mongrels too, combining different breeds, with different results than their parents or even their siblings.

If you’re interested in mindfulness, or if you like dogs and funny pictures of dogs, then get ready for a fun look at both when they come together in “Doggone It”. It would be lovely if this book could be out before Christmas this year, but Buster and I are both realistic and are aware aiming at before Christmas 2016 is more likely … It will happen though, and when it does, look for it here!