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Yes, ‘Doggone It!’ Illustrations!

I spoke with the illustrator of ‘Dig It!’ via Messenger, and she has been working on the illustrations for ‘Doggone It!’, the follow on book from Buster and me, hooray pictures are happening. I was starting to wonder if this was really going to happen, and yes, it most definitely is!

That means the money I’ve been saving up now has a purpose, and it means I’m going to have some lovely illustrations to gaze at in wonder. Allyson Hean, my illustrator, who worked with me to create ‘Dig It!’ knows me, and she knows dogs, and she interprets my words beautifully well, as evidenced by the lovely illustrations she did that made the picture part of ‘Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs’ wonderful.

I’m excited about seeing what Ally has done with Buster and my words this time! I also have some ideas about things to do with promotion of the book, using the illustrations, and possibly something to do with ways to further share Allyson Hean’s great work with others … I don’t know a lot about these things, but I’m keen to work on that, and learn a lot more.

Prints, bookmarks, are my initial ideas, and who knows what else may occur to me. ‘Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View’ is a fun and fine little book as it stands at the moment (or it will be once I finish off the text), but with illustrations it will become a must have book for everyone who wonders at the inner thoughts of their faithful canine friend!

Keep an eye on this website, there will definitely be more book news later on this month!