Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

At the moment, I am waiting for my illustrator/friend to get back to me about her progress with creating fantastic illustrations for a book I wish to (self)publish. The book is a follow up to a book I and my illustrator (Allyson Hean) created some time ago, back in 2007, when my son was about 13. Ally and I became friends back when our sons were in Primary School, and we spent many happy hours chatting about all manner of things when our boys were at school.

So that book was called “Dig it! Gardening Tips for Dogs”, and the text and illustrations are based on a made-up dog called Buster. Buster is a cross between a Pharaoh Hound and a Standard Schnauzer. I have shown and bred both of these breeds, and we had one of those embarrassing accidents when two of our dogs got together one time when the most certainly shouldn’t have…

Anyway, Ally saw those ‘accident’ puppies and drew some great pictures, based on how she imagined such a dog would look when it grew up. Buster is a dog with lots of character, and I have grown to love him and his rough and tumble no bull-sh*t attitude. So this dog and Ally and I created a book, and self published it, our first attempt at such a thing. We had fun with the first 100 copies we had printed, then Ally moved on to other things, as did I, me staying involved in books and writing, Ally concentrating on her other love, that of sheep and fleeces.

I printed another 100 copies of the book, and sold them a little more slowly, but still a sale here and there … Those copies are gone now. I did another print run of the book, thinking about what might come next for Buster.I have some other books now, also more or less self-published, and I am moving out into the public eye a little more. I have a
Writer-in-Residence gig at a lovely place I love in Gawler, the Poetic Justice Cafe GalleryΒ and copies of Buster’s book are on display at the cafe, and it’s time to take Buster on a different track.

I enjoyed writing “Dig it!” and Ally enjoyed doing the illustrations. Given this is probably my best selling book, I did what any sensible self-publisher would do, I decided to write a follow-up book. This sequel has a title and I have more or less finished the text of it. I handed the words on to Ally recently, and she began working on the illustrations. Unfortunately, or fortunately for her, Allyson has a paid job, so she was on leave (between jobs) when I handed over my words, and she is now back working again.

I don’t know when Ally will be finished, so I don’t know when the new book will come out. It has a title, it has text, there are some illustrations, it’s actually quite close to being all done. The title of this new book is “Doggone it! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. I’m more or less happy with it, but I was thinking earlier today about ways to add more to the book, and had a brilliant idea, I would put a quiz at the back of the book, genius!

So this book, “Doggone it!” should be out in plenty of time for your brother’s birthday, your best friend’s birthday and/or for Christmas, I’ll put the word up on this website when it’s done, and copies will be available at the Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery.