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My Next Book

Today was a good day. I did useful things, and enjoyed doing it. One of the useful things I did was to work on my next book. This is a second book in a series concerning a dog named Buster, and his take on life. The first book was titled ‘Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs’ and was. as you’d expect, about the canine take on the whole gardening thing.

The second book, which will probably be launched around the middle of this year (2016), is about Mindfulness as a dog sees it, and is titled ‘Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View’. I’m hoping this book is popular, as Dig It seems to be. I have copies of three of my books for sale at my favourite cafe, in Gawler, Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery, and Dig It is the one that sells the best.


Sales are actually going  so well there is only one copy of the book left. I’m going to have to look into doing another print run of Dig It in time for the launch of Doggone It! I’m not an expert in selling books, but it makes sense to me that if you’re selling another book in a series, it’s sensible to have the first book available for those who haven’t got the first one.

Both of these books are illustrated, using the same illustrator – Allyson Hean. The first book had more pictures, and the second book is more ‘learned’ so the fewer pictures in it are in keeping with the text.

These books are both self-published. Allyson put together the first book, which was produced using Publisher. She did a wonderful book, but has now gone on to other things. That meant it was my job to put together this second book, using Publisher, which I have fortunately gained some knowledge in, since ‘Dig It!’ came out quite a few years ago.

The supposed writer of these books is a Pharaoh Hound Schnauzer cross dog named Buster. Buster isn’t a real dog, he’s a make-believe figment of my imagination. I’ve had fun imagining my way into Buster’s life, thinking about how he would look at the relevant things these two books are about  – gardening, and living a mindful life …

There’s no telling what the next book might be about … Something a dog may think about, something I know a little about. I’m thinking it may be a cook book of some kind. Buster loves food, after all, he’s a dog!





6 thoughts on “My Next Book

  1. Calm down, lets get this Mindful book finished and launched first! I have a few thoughts about this new book, but not much will happen until next year, after I’ve earned some money from selling copies of ‘it!’.


  2. I think there will be a cooking book sometime. Dogs eat a huge variety of things, some of them, yet some dogs will only ever eat one brand of dog food and won’t touch anything else.
    What else could I use and themes for these books? I wonder how many different ones I could write …


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