Happy, Happy, Happy Dog

The gardens are looking lovely, lots of sprinkler action happening on the back lawn, and lovely mild days, perfect for lying around on the soft, soft grass! There’s probably something in the book coming out soon about that feeling, I’ll look it up in the book:

Yes, there it is – acceptance. The lawn is there, there is no need to do anything more than simply lie down, perhaps on side, or on back. Once on your back you may feel like rolling over and over like a puppy. Do it. Whether others are watching or not, just feel the blades of grass through your hair, be with the grass, lie still, gaze into the sky briefly, watch the birds fly past.

The next principle in the book deals with Letting Go. The lying on the grass looks at that too, the way you simply acknowledge the presence of those birds, accepting they are they, but being content to let them go. You are in a different space, you are lying on the grass. Another time will be the right time for chasing the birds. Now is not that time.

When a dog learns this letting go, and acceptance, the dog will live a happier and better life, a mindful life. The dog will be a happy dog …

When the book “Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View” is out, you can get a copy and find other mindful principles to think further on. It will be another Happy Time!