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What’s Good in the Garden?

At the moment, water is flooding the back yard. Our gutters are trying to give up entirely, and the ground seems to be chocka block full of water. with rain happening today, and more roan forecast for the coming week too. The dogs aren’t choosing to stay long when they go outside, much preferring the warm and dry conditions inside.

It’s night time now, and I’m happier with the dogs staying inside as well. With four dogs, there is a certain amount of outside work required to keep things ‘nice’ out on the back lawn, but that task is a cold and wet one tonight. I’m glad the dogs are only going out for a quick wee, not the other task …

Anyway in our garden at the moment, as well as the water, we have lovely flowers growing in the hanging baskets on the back veranda. We also still have cherry tomatoes growing on the two tomato plants that sre just a few metres from the back veranda. I have about six or so of the tomatoes ripening inside, and there are about the same number of tomatoes on the plants outside that are about ready to come inside. There are also quite a few new tomatoes that will be ready to go in another couple of weeks, I’d say.

In and near the other vegetable plot, we have a couple of new things happening. Graham recently bought some seedlings and planted them out the other day when I was out. It was lovely to see the plants he’d bought, and planted out. So we now have our own capsicum plants growing, as well as leeks. I love leeks! We still have kale growing too, and tonight it was my job to cook our evening meal.

I went for my old standby – spaghetti bolognaise, and for a change I decided to put some kale into it. I’ve never done that before, and I hoped it would work out OK. I cut the kale up into small pieces when I was cutting up the onions (which were actually shallots), and the garlic and capsicums too. The shallots made my eyes cry, but by the time we sat down to eat this meal, my tears were forgotten, and the fine taste made up for the onion tears!

My husband and I both make this meal various times, and we both produce quite different meals. I like to go via a long and slow path with this meal. I take a long time over the meal, and give it all several hours for the flavours to blend. There was red wine sloshed into it, and read wine always adds a lovely flavour to a meal. The tomatoes in the meal were real tomatoes, bought from the Adelaide Central Market by Graham a few days ago. They weren’t as flavourful as our cherry tomatoes, but were infinitely superior to supermarket tomatoes.

What else is there in the garden? Well, with the tomato plants, there are also ten garlic plants growing, from garlic bulbs planted several weeks ago. One of the plants is looking excellent, and the others all look OK. I’m looking forward to us being able to use our own home grown garlic again. Graham does almost all of the work in planting and looking after our garden, and he’s doing a fine job. I am the one who is more likely to pick things when they are ready.

I’m extremely happy the dogs didn’t realise the tomatoes are growing where they could have picked them off the bush and eaten them. They are grazers when they are out in the year, often chowing down on the lawn (and the occasional bird, moth or reptile visitor from time to time. It’s the Pharaoh Hounds who do this, our old Schnauzer isn’t a hunter how the other dogs are.

We also have a mandarin tree in the dog run out the back. At the moment, the little tree, which was planted a couple of years ago, seems to be getting ready to bloom. It did the same thing last year at about the same time. We have lots of lovely blossom, and some tiny little green fruit growing. But we had some hot days, and the fruit steadily dropped off of the tree, well before it turned orange in colour. I hope we have better luck with it this season. I love mandies!

If you have a garden with dogs in it, I’d love to hear about how your garden grows. Please leave a message here!