News from the Garden

Our dogs love being out in the garden, but sadly, some of the things some of them, in particular, one of them (the biggest one) loves to dig. Yesterday, he was at it again, digging up dirt and turning around to chase what he’d dug up … It looks hilarious, but we really don’t need holes in the back lawn!

Lah De, our Pharaoh Hound male dog is the keenest digger in all of our dogs. He learned about digging from his father, I think. I loved his father, and I love Lah De, but I certainly never loved any of this digging in the back yard.

Related to all of this is my newest book – a poetry collection with poems relating to some of the creatures in my life. Some of the poems were written in the backyard, and/or are about creatures found in or flying above the garden. I have a new blog post on another of my blogs (Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs), here.

Sitting on the sofa on our back veranda is one of my favourite places to be on a mild day, with a gentle breeze blowing, and the birds, trees and clouds around me … Such a peaceful way to spend some mindful moments, to help bring peace and serenity to my mind.


A beetle very much like this one is in one of the poems in my new book. The book is “Tense & Still” It had its ‘Country’ launch on Friday last week at Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery, and has its ‘Town’ launch on 19th October, at the Tea Tree Gully Library at 7pm. Books will be available at the launch, and are available at the Cafe in Gawler, Walker Place South Australia.

I have many poems still to write about the creatures in my life, but I’m thinking my next poetry collection will be about People, rather than animals and bugs, birds and so on … I have a good few poems about the people in my life, and of course the person I know best of all, myself … I have a working title for such a collection, and I’m sure I will have fun getting that collection together too. I’ve sat and thought about people while sitting on the back veranda, and written some poems about them there too.

Do you think about people, or creatures, and sometimes write about them too?



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