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Some News both Dogs and Garden

So the big news around our canine pack at the moment is that Missy, the youngest of the dogs, is currently in rehabilitation. Missy has had a lump on one eyelid for some time now, and we noticed it has been getting a bit bigger. We booked Missy in to our vets, and took her along to talk about an operation.

As we were talking to the vet there, we all decided it was a good time to get Missy desexed. She has a chronic illness (Canine Dry Eye) and because of that, and other reasons, we don’t want to ever breed from her. This all happened last week, and on Friday last week the two operations were done.

We went to pick Missy up after, and talked with one of the vet nurses. While we were there, Missy had a microchip put in, and two tattoos, one to indicate she was desexed, the other that she has the microchip. Woo hoo for Missy, she has bling and tats! The other dogs want to lick Missy where they shouldn’t lick her, and Missy has to wear a special collar, called an Elizabethan Collar so she can’t lick herself either. 

Missy will have to be kept quiet, and wear the collar for at least a week. So Missy has been spending a lot of time in the dog crate that is in the room I’m in, the main room, quite close to the dining table. We’re taking her back to the vet on Friday this week, and her bits that were operated on will be checked. It’s a bit tedious having to take Missy outside on a lead for toilet duties, so she doesn’t race around like a crazy hound …

The longer Missy is having to be walked to do her toileting duties, the better she’s feeling and the more she wants to go for a run instead of a stroll. We don’t want her to do any damage to herself, so until the vet clinic give us the word, Missy has to keep slow and steady, not hunting hound mode. We’re visiting the vet again on Friday. as I said. I hope they say it’s time to go back to normal, but I’m aware it may be another week still before the fancy collar is off.

So things are quite different here with the dogs at the moment. The garden is going along well, no dramas there, which is good. Graham got some new bonsai pots recently and we are both thinking about potting plants up, and have both in fact done that. I’ve put a jade tree in the semi-cascade style into a lovely pot, and Graham has potted up two tiny olive trees into tiny pots. Here is my jade tree bonsai:


This jade tree is coming along well, and after some more attention to it, I expect it to be a nice bonsai in another few years! Bonsai trees, good quality ones take time to create … I love our dogs, and I love our bonsai tree. Both need work, but the more work you put into both, the better they are!

It’s another beautiful blue sky day today, and I expect I’ll take another look at the Super Moon again tonight. I went out several times last night, until I finally saw it, big and beautiful and full. It was certainly bigger that the full moon usually is, and I’m glad I went out for a look. I know the hype seemed to indicate something super special was happening with this full moon, and I also know some people were disappointed with what they saw. If you aren’t used to seeing the full moon, you wouldn’t appreciate how much bigger this moon appeared to be. The Earth and the Moon are they closest together they’ve been for over 70 years, and surely that’s something to think about!

Nobody was out there howling at the moon, dog or human, but I was tempted, a little bit! Did anyone else see this Super Moon? What did you think?