Things to do in the Garden

There are a variety of things to do in the garden. Every garden, every person – they have their things. Some things are common to most gardens, and some people have to do the common things in their garden.

When you have plants, you must keep them adequately watered. We have a lawn out the back, with some lawn growing in patches in the dog run behind the back yard. We also have various pots of things in our pool area that need watering regularly, flowers and some herbs. I the dog run there are also some things I’ve totally forgotten the name of, that are doing well.

They are things that grow well in deserts, I think, and we got ours from our neighbour across the road. Not only have grown well, and are considerably taller than when they were planted, they also now have offspring growing alongside them, which is great.

We are growing some of our own vegetables as well as the herbs and we have hanging baskets too, with flowers, herbs (thyme) and strawberries. I love the fact that we’re able to provide some of the food we eat, and wish we had more growing. I’m not the one who does the work though, so I wisely leave the decisions about it up to my husband …

We have four dogs – not little dogs, but medium to big dogs. These dogs are all getting older, of course, with the oldest in her final years, I very much think. It’s a worry, living with such an elderly dog. She naps a lot, and I always fear for her life, when she doesn’t wake up quickly, as the other dogs do. But Nena is old and arthritic and deaf, so these things happen at a slower rate …

The best thing our garden has is lots of different kinds of birds. I love watching the birds as they go about their daily business. I have a list of the different kinds of birds I see, adding a new one if I see it here and isn’t already on the list. I haven’t added any new bird since I think early last year. I’d love to find a new avian visitor!

We have a bird bath in the back yard too, in the pool area where the dogs don’t go, so the birds that visit for a drink or a bath are safe there. I love to see them in there, splashing the water and looking like they’re having a great time! There are two bird baths in the front yard too. If I look out of the windows, left and right, I can see the bird baths, if the curtains are open.

I almost drawn the, rather than open, but I had to think, does drawn actually mean open? I looked in up online and it seems the general feeling is that it can mean either. If curtains are open, you draw them to close them. If the curtains are closed, you draw them to open them. Confused yet?! I love our crazy language!

We have two rose bushes too, and sometimes I might bring in a rose bud like the one below. This one is still sitting next to the computer and I can see it, but it’s very very dead now, and dried out. I’m not sure why it’s even still there. We have new rose buds on the bushes. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring a new one in. We have both the glorious fragrant red/pink ones, and we have yellow ones too, both planted next to each other near our pool.a-rose-by-any-other-name

So, birds, dogs, a pool, roses, home grown food, we have lots of great things in our back yard. We have some nasty things sometimes too though. Snakes in summer is always a worry. Our bigger dogs are hunters, and have had some ‘fun’, that one time didn’t go at all well, not for the snake, not for one of our dogs.

That’s life in the country though. In summer there are snakes, as well as glorious days of water fun … My husband loves summer and our pool! I prefer autumn – do you have a favourite season? I’d love to hear about it, if you do!


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