What’s happening in the Garden?

Today is the last day of summer, according to the calendar. Nature of course does her own thing though, and apparently there are still some hot days on their way.

We have various edible things growing in our backyard at the moment. Edible means sometimes the same thing and sometimes different things to humans and canines. The dogs will eat whatever us humans eat, but ourΒ dogs will also chow down on the long bits of the back lawn. We humans leave than one foe the hounds, that’s for sure.

The things growing for humans at the moment are soybeans, capsicums, strawberries, thyme, chives, rosemary and lavender. The strawberries are coming along with perhaps two ripe enough to pick at the moment. The capsicums are also growing nicely, and the plants have capsicums growing from teeny to mid size, and we’ve been harvesting one or two at a time as needed for our dinner.Β capsicum

The soybeans are an experiment. My husband Graham remembers growing them way back in the seventies, so he’s going back in time. I’ve never eaten them from home grown, just processed into other things. I hope it all works out well – I’ve read varying things about the need for strict preparation, although Graham says he’s had them raw way back in time… We’ll see what happens once they’re ripe enough to pick.

The funny thing about growing your own food is the famine and feast thing. It takes what seems like forever for things to ripen to harvesting stage, and then once things ripen, you can have so many things go off because you can’t eat them in time … This of course where the current ideas on ‘Farmer’s Markets’ are such a good thing. If you have heaps of something, you can take it along to the market and swap your stuff for somebody else’s stuff, and everyone walks away with fresh food to eat and nothing goes to waste.

Will this cutting out of the middle person be the new way, or will the regulators step in and ruin everything? No-one wants food poisoning, but I have a feeling that the kinds of people who grow their own care a lot about what they grow, and do the right thing so others can enjoy the fruits of their labours … What do you think, have you had fun times growing your own? I’d love to hear about your stories!