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My Life Roles

I am many things, the name of this blog certainly indicates what some of my life roles may entail. I have four dogs, so letting in, putting out feeding and cleaning up after dogs are included. I also do lighter aspects of the required gardening needed at our place, watering, and some small pruning of our smaller plants, at times.

But I have life away from home, and do other things. I’m a blogger (obviously), a poet and a writer. I am currently in the middle of writing my next book, well I would be, if I hadn’t stopped to write this blog post. Although by saying I’m ‘in the middle of’ writing the book will be true as long as I go back to the writing of said book, after finishing off this blog post …

Does it matter whether or not I actually go back to the writing of that book? Hmm, yes it does, for various reasons. This as yet unfinished book is scheduled to be launched at an event that is taking place at the end of July. It’s currently at the end of March. As I mentioned I’m a writer and poet, not a mathematician, but I can work out that means I have four months to get the book done and printed. That sounds possible, depending on how many more words there are to be written …

This book is not going to be just words written by me though. The book will have some illustrations to go with it, and it will have some words written by someone else as well … I can’t get the illustrations done until I send the text to the illustrator, and to the person writing the other words. And I can’t do that until I have more words written, to give those other people a better idea about what they need to respond to, for playing their part in the process. Such are the things one takes on, when one takes on the role of Self-Publisher, as I have to produce these books.

You may be curious about this book, of which I speak … Well, the book is titled ‘Dog Buddha’s Thoughts’ and it is written by not only me and another person, but also by a dog. ‘A dog? you may well ask, ‘how can a dog write a book?’

Well the dog isn’t one of the four dogs that live here with us, or lives somewhere else with other people, sort of … The dog lives in some spot at the back of my head perhaps, or in my imagination, wherever that actually is. Has anyone clever worked out where the imagination actually is yet, I wonder? But I digress…

The dog is Buster the Dog, a perhaps mythical dog, and we have already written two books together. Those books are “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs” and “Doggone It – Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. They were also self-published and illustrated by the same person who will illustrate this partly-written book, once she has the words to work with. This new book will have more words but fewer illustrations than the first two books, I think. I hope. Or would more illustrations be a better way to go? No, that’s just me trying to get out of doing more work, when in fact I can feel Buster the Dog straining at the leash, wanting to get back into the writing!

So I’d better close off here, I think, get some lunch and then get back into this book. I have another blog that talks about those earlier books, and have links to that blog scattered around this particular blog post. I’m slowly getting the hang of this promotional stuff, and hope to learn more about it at that Festival of Words I mentioned … There will be a workshop revealing all I need to know about Social Media!


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