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Another Job Title

me making point at book launchI am a writer and a poet, yes, but I have another job title that I’m working on making it another good one to use. I have been toying with this one for a while but it’s taken me until this year, really, to feel I can act actually claim the title …

The job title is Creative Writing/Poetry Workshop Facilitator. A good title, and one I am proud to have. I suspect gaining this job title is the main reason I did my TAFE training, giving me ideas, confidence and knowledge so I wouldn’t look like a fool doing what I wanted to do.

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) part way through my course was a bit of a challenge, but I made it through, and got the certificate, Cert IV in Community Service Work. I’m not able to take on working full time, or even a steady part time job, because of the MS. If it was going well, I may be fine, but it it was too tiring or stressful, or too hot or requiring too much standing up, I couldn’t keep it up.

No, the way I’m doing my work is on my own terms, at a venue I am completely at home in, and with a easy to deal with number of people. I can handle the small numbers I have been getting, and feel confident I could deal with more, up to ten people, perhaps. I am excited about possibly getting a few more people later on this month (I hope), and look forward to sharing my ideas with other people who also have MS.

The workshop I do is on almost every Sunday, at the Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery in Gawler, at 11.15. The name of the Workshop is “Write Yourself Well” and my clientele are those people who have had challenges in their lives, but are still working to have or keep hold on a better life for themselves.

I am gradually feeling more and more that I know how to do this Workshop Facilitation stuff, and I’m loving the words the attendees are writing, and me too. My poem written today was one that’s been wanting to be written for many, many years, and I am proud of it for sure!

Being in the thick of the creative process is a beautiful space to be in! If you have any thoughts on this, please leave a message!


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