Dogs and Thoughts

Do you ever look at your dog (or other dogs) and wonder what they’re thinking about? I know I do, and that’s probably part of the reason why I began writing the third book in the “Buster the Dog’ series of books.

These books began with “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs” and continued with “Doggone It – Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. Originally, I’d had no notion of writing an actual series of books, but when I was well into the end of the second book, I thought about what might be able to come next …

It became obvious to  me that a book about the Dog Buddha was a great idea, and I’ve certainly had a fun time coming up with learned/Zennish thoughts from a doggy point of view. Buster, the mythical dog who lives inside my head is having a fun time too, Woof!

I look at our four dogs a lot. It’s hard not too really, these aren’t tiny little dogs who hide away outside. These are medium to large dogs, who are in our house almost all of the time we are, and they spend most of their time with us, lazing around inside, on their own sofa, when the TV is on.

And I sit outside on another sofa sometimes with one or all four of the dogs, watching them and wondering about what the do and why they’re doing it … My back veranda wonderings have brought these thoughts to me, and I enjoy the almost meditative  state I achieve as I do this. I feel at one with Nature in its many states, with the plants from the grass to the mighty gum trees and all in between. And from the smallest insect up to the tallest of our dogs …

So these thoughts of the Dog Buddha I’ve come up with – do I believe them to be true? No of course I don’t believe that. The Dog Buddha is a figment of my imagination, as Buster the Dog is also a figment of my imagination. But the ideas are ideas, and ideas are true. Does that make sense?

It makes sense to me. I have a creative mind, I think about things, I come up with thoughts that many others would never come up with, because they don’t have the same mix of life experience as I have. We all different, human and canine, after all! We are individuals.

We have four dogs, three of the dogs are Pharaoh Hounds, one is the mother of the other two. One of the offspring is a male, the other female. The female is desexed and has never had puppies. They have the same instincts in chasing things, even though they have different personalities.

Our other dog is the oldest of them. She is a Schnauzer and is the smallest of them. She doesn’t have the strong ‘prey/chase’ instinct of the three hounds. She is more obedient through having more of an inclination to doing what we, the humans, want her to do. Schnauzers and Pharaoh Hounds are quite different dogs …

Buster the Dog is a crossbred dog, being the offspring from a father Pharaoh Hound and a mother Schnauzer. This is why he looks as he does. The book’s illustrator, Allyson Hean, imagined what an adult dog of such a mix might look like, based on her knowledge of dogs in general, and of the particular two breeds as well. Ally is been my friend and has seen these two breeds through the years of our friendship …dig it coverpic


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