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Dogs are all asleep, but Garden is Awake!

When I look around me right now, I can see four dogs, all fast asleep inside with me on a dreary cloudy day, yes another one, with more to come. It’s Autumn, and these kind of days are common in the lead up to Winter …

When I look outside though, it’s quite a different story. The orange flowering shrub I always forget the name of has an amazing display of orange flowers, with a cascade of blossoms falling from the shrub as the birds poke their beaks into the orange trumpets! It’s a Cape something, something bush …

Anyway, I’ve going to head outside again soon and spend some time with this wide awake garden. We have strawberries growing in hanging pots just near the back door, and I want to check to see if there are going to be any more of the lovely berries again soon. Then I’ll go a little further and check on how our capsicums are going. I’m not expecting much, they do better when they get more sunshine …

This rain we’ve had has been good though, good for the plants we want, good for the plants we’re planning to plant out, but of course it’s good for the plants we don’t want. Weeds are the burden you get when you have a garden though, and I’d rather have a garden with some weeds than have no garden at all.

And now some of the dogs are awake and demanding to be let out into the garden again … They’re responsible for keeping that safe too, warning off invaders – rabbits, reptiles, and so on … It really is a tough life for them, haha!

I’ve been out to the garden now, and back inside again, after sampling the ripest of our strawberries. And by ‘sampling’ I mean biting into the sweet red/pink flesh and eating it. Ripe strawberries picked and eaten straight from the plant are delicious!cape honeysuckle

I’ve done some research now, and the plant with the orange flowers is actually Tecoma Capensis, or Cape Honeysuckle. It isn’t an Australian plant, but it does well in temperate areas, such as where we live. The native birds, particularly New Holland Honeyeaters certainly sucking the ‘honey’ from those flowers!

I love this plant, and the glorious blooms, yet another great thing to see in our garden! Do you have things is your garden to love to look at? I’d love to read about it, why not leave a comment?!



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