It’s a sad time, but one that was always going to occur, in one way or another. The grizzling of the muzzle extended, over time, to grizzle most of this old girl. Ananka, once the fighting and fearsome Alpha bitch of the pack finally fell victim to age, and then to blindness, and at the end – victim to the blessed relief of euthanasia. Well, the humans of the pack hope it was a blessed relief for her … How to tell.

It was the decision we made earlier this week. Ananka’s rapid decline after the blindness seemed to come as rapidly, the walking into doors, walls, other dogs, everything. And then the day that she just stood there in the backyard, her final day, as it turned out. Just standing, seemingly unable or at least unwilling to go anywhere at all.

The vet we saw gave possible reasons, a few options, discussion on various methods, cures. But you can’t cure old age, as has been said over the years, Death comes to us all, in the End. ananka

This was Ananka, watcher, hunter, mother, pack member. This is the Ananka I want to remember for the rest of my life. The girl who took over when she could, and ruled the whole pack.

Ananka the runner, the jumper, the chaser of life, the hunter of the good things. Her children live on, and she lives on in our memories …

She inspired me too, with my poetic efforts, over the years, and my most recent poem inspired by Ananka was this one:

Ananka, our Pharaoh Hound

Always on the lookout

Never rests, even sleeping

Alert to all that’s going on

Needs action, loves

Killing the sparrows –

Avowed hunter


I say thank you Ananka, you gave much to us all.