How Many is Too Many?

How many? Well that depends on what we’re talking about, doesn’t it. Five vanilla slices when trying to lose weight is too many, but 5 glasses of water on a hot day is a good number of glasses, but 5 glasses of water if you are trying to make a cake is just ridiculous.

It’s impossible to know the answer to the question without knowing the context. This is an important thing in just about everything in life – context, and with it, details. If somebody tells you they killed a baby, you would probably think terrible things about them. But if they told you they killed a baby brown snake that was about to bite them, that’s a totally different thing.

The story is always important, because story gives you the details and that conveys the context, which helps you to understand the import of what has happened. In my household, we have dogs, we have a garden, and one of the family members is keen on creative writing. That person is also interested in looking into spirituality, or at least a secular version of it.

If you have been here before, and read a few of my posts, you quite likely know that creative writing lover is me, Carolyn Cordon. I’ve been a half-assed blogger for quite a few years, and have been writing poetry off and on since school, which was back in the seventies. I’ve written and either self-published or had published commercially six books and have had poetry published in various places. Below is a list of my published books:

  • My Dog
  • Dig it! Gardening Tips for Dogs
  • damaged children Precious Gems
  • Mick Jane and Me – Living Well with MS
  • Doggone It! Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View
  • Tense and Still

At the moment, I’m about to launch my next book, Dog Buddha’s Thoughts. This book will be launched during the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words, and I’m hoping there will be many people there to see my book, and with luck, buy a copy! This book was huge fun to write, and if it is successful enough, who knows what else it could lead to? Fun things, whatever happens!

I’ve been giving poetry writing workshops in Gawler from time to time, I am involved in the Gawler Poets at the Pub monthly event, I’m the President of Adelaide Plains Poets, and I love my life!



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