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Dogs are Not People

I know that many people talk to their dog, and they sometimes consider their canine pal to be a friend. I have no problems with that, in fact I often talk to my three dogs. I don’t think of them as friends as such, but I certainly care about them and their well being. A lot.

Our three dogs are important members of our household, and they are looked after as if they were our children, in some ways. But we know our dogs are dogs, not actual children. We have a child, who is now a grown up person, and who has moved away from home. I think the dogs miss him, as we do. We’re all happy when our son drops by for a meal/visit.

But as I said, we know our dogs are dogs. They get fed dog food, mostly. When they get what could be considered human food, they do’t sit at the table to eat it, it gets put in their food bowl, and the bowl is put on the floor, or the food is given to them by our hand, as a treat. Our dogs are a kind of organic vacuum machine too, hoovering up any spilled food scraps.

Our dogs sleep or rest on a sofa, but it’s not a sofa the people in the house use, it’s a scrappy older one for the dogs. If one of our dogs puts a foot on the people sofa, they get told off. Our dogs also don’t get on the seats around our dining table. The floor or the dog sofa are their places, not the human seating. Our dogs are also supposed to stay away from the kitchen counters, and not take food from there.

One of the dogs though disrespects our rules a little if we’re not there to stop him. He’s the tallest of our dogs, and can reach the top of the kitchen counter, and the dining table. He’s a thief, but we tell him off if we catch him at it. We know it’s partly his fault, and partly our fault for leaving tempting things …

One thing we never ever do is dress our dogs up to look like children! Dogs are dogs and do dog things, human children and human children. And sure, sometimes some of the things human children and dogs do are very similar, they are two very different things! Dogs have hair, they don’t need to wear clothes, apart maybe for a dog coat, which doesn’t look anything like human clothes!


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