Whether the Weather be Good …

At the moment I seem to be getting a little bit obsessive about the weather. I don’t know if that’s a sign of increasing age, boredom, increasing interest in Nature, or what. But I’ve certainly been watching the bureau of meteorology website to see if it might rain, and watching our Solar Energy gauge to check how our Solar Panels are going at sucking up the sunshine.

Right now it’s windy but with bright sunshine. Last night was also windy, and at one stage of the night we had some heavy rain. There’s been a tiny bit of very light rain this morning, but not looking like any more. The upshot of this is that the back lawn isn’t good for the dogs to roll over and over on, for a good back rub. Our dogs, and I’m sure most dogs, all love to have a big roll around on the lawn to itch that scratch, ease that sore muscle, and just feel sooooo good!

solar panels

We love the rain we get every now and then, but we love the clear blue skies even more. The days when the solar panels on our roof make power from the sun shining down on them. I get a bit excited when I look at the gauge that tells me how much power we’ve made for the day, compared to the previous 31 days. I know we rarely make more power than we use up, but every little bit helps. We’ve well and truly paid off the cost of the panels, from the reduction in our electricity bills. I haven’t done the maths on this, but knowing how much we pay how much power we make, it’s obvious.

So rainy days can be low power days, although it’s possible to still make a goodly amount of power on partly showery days, with the wind blowing the rain clouds in, and then blowing them away a gain, over and over, with sunny times in between. We had that kind of weather yesterday, with the rain belting down then disappearing, over and over. It means we have the dogs tracking in wet and muddy footprints, but it’s good for everything growing in the garden. Wins and losses, hoping for the wins to be the most prominent …

When the lawn is wet though, then the rolling around back rubs come inside and the carpet fills in for the more organic version, of lawn. Our dogs do both, or either, depending on the weather and/or access. The dogs are unable to get outside unless a human opens the door for them. There smart, but they’re not that smart, fortunately. We don’t want them to have too easy an access to the backyard, after all, us humans are the ones in charge!

The dogs have their sofa for actually lying around on, and Pharaoh Hounds certainly like to lie around in comfort.Β sofa dogs

This is the dog’s sofa, and our dogs. One of them has died now, the one on the left hand side. Age can be a nasty thing, and Ananka’s suffering has ended now … When I look at the four of the dogs lying there, it warms my heart to see them so friendly and at ease …

Today we have lots of blue sky, and things are warming up outside. I love the sunshine, as long as it doesn’t get too hot! Autumn is my favourite month though, those lovely warm Autumnal days with gentle breezes, wonderful for sitting outside with the clouds, and the birds, dogs and the trees. Gorgeous. What’s your favourite season? Please tell us about it!