Pool of Death


It looks innocent enough, this pool, yes? A little untidy perhaps and in need of some work to vacuum the ‘floor’ of it. And perhaps that lawn could be gotten rid of. That chair over on the right could be stood up properly too maybe. But pool of death? Really?

This is a pool in a small township, the photo taken before the summer season starts, when the necessary work will be done more often, and the pool will be kept shiny blue, with no dirt left on the pool bottom. Yes it looks untidy and maybe a little unkempt, but just a few hours before this photo was taken, for dead bodies were removed from the pool water.

The day began as another ordinary day, sun came up, cool and pleasant breeze was blowing, and I was enjoying a little time wandering around on the back veranda enjoying it all. Then I looked over at the pool near the veranda and saw something dark floating on top of the pool. In the interests of tidiness I went and took a look, prepared to scoop up what I thought might be a cluster of leaves.

Closer inspection though, showed the awful truth of it. The ‘cluster of leaves’ was actually a dead starling floating on the water. I looked around for the leaf scoop device and noticed something dark in the pool’s skimmer box. I looked closer, there was another bird, dead, a sparrow this time. I leaned over and removed that bird, placing it at rest a little further away and on the other side of the fence. I came back to the pool and saw a frog, and then another. I removed all of these creatures from the skimmer box, placing the frogs also away from the pool.

Then I got the leaf scooper and reached for and caught the first poor dead bird. I placed this bird also on the other side of the fence. I looked around then, at the sky, and the trees, at our vegetables, herbs and flowers, all growing, alive and vibrant. I thought about it all, and came back inside. Thinking still. The thinking lead to me writing a Facebook post about feeling sad about the deaths. That then lead to the writing of two little poems, lamenting these careless deaths.

Swimming pools are about fun and living for us humans, but things go quite differently for others. The birds like to drink from the pool, flying down low and scooping up the water in their beak. And the frogs of course love water, but the chlorine in the pool isn’t good for them and they die if they stay there for too long …

Anyway, I thought about these things, and this is the poem I wrote about it:


The Pool of Death …


Final flight

Birds, birds, please keep on flying

Birds, please oh please stop your dying

Seeing them in the water, still

There for a sip, but took more than their fill

Young birds, practicing joys of flight

Taking risks, not getting it right?

I don’t know how this ended up

I just know these two took their final sup …



The two that croaked it …

I realise why it tempts them, of course

Frogs and water, a perfect match

But chlorination and filter aren’t safe

for frogs and sadly, that’s the catch …

they jump in, it’s fine, swimming around

diving down deep, then up for a breath

but something is wrong, they’re pulled along

filtration system causes their death …

birds in garden, dogs

Glorious Days of Different Kinds

Yesterday was a glorious day of sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds. There was a gentle breeze outside, the birds were merrily cheeping and chirping in their various ways, the dogs happily went from lounging around on their sofa, to happily running around outside. It was a lovely warm day, and all was pleasant both inside and outside our home. Today is also quite a pleasant day, but it’s another kind of pleasant. I have no signs of a blue sky,

aleppo pine


the sky is white and grey with clouds. There is a tiny amount of rain that may or may not fall. The birds don’t seem as chirpy as they were yesterday, and the wind is cold, and a little less pleasant because of the temperature of it. The dogs are still happily lounging around on their sofa. The dogs are almost always happy to do that, and who can blame them?!



My point with this blog post is to encourage myself, and others to look at our lives, and to find glory, or at least pleasant times, in a variety of situations. I’ve been thinking about my own health, after seeing my specialist yesterday, and I am convinced having many thoughts about the things that please me in life has played a part in why my chronic illness isn’t troubling me as it can trouble others (and has troubled me in the past). I am in the remission phase, and haven’t had a full-on relapse for quite some time now, I have only had what is called pseudoexacerbation. This is where previous MS Symptoms can occur again for only a short period of time. This is most commonly caused by getting too hot.

The symptoms go away again when you are able to cool down again. I’ve had this occur in a truly worrying way only once. On that occasion I was driving my car home, was feeling rushed, and got far too hot. When I got out of my car and walked around to the passenger side, I collapsed when I opened the door, and couldn’t get up again, my muscles wouldn’t work. It was a big worry, but I was in the shade from my car, on the grass, and I knew my son would be home from school eventually to help me.

I don’t know how long it took for his bus to drop him off from school, but it did eventually arrive, and he was able to get a neighbour to help and they were able to get me inside. After being in the air conditioned house, and with some cool water to drink, I was able to regain control of my body …

Anyway, that happened quite a few years ago – six years, possibly, and hasn’t been that bad again since. I am much more careful about these things now, having found out how bad it can be If I don’t look after myself. So sitting in a stinking hot car, with no cool air is a bad thing for me and for many other people with MS, or without MS, really … My favourite sitting around places outside are on my front or my back veranda, and I only sit there if I’m in the shade, or if I’m not in the shade, then when it’s a mild day with a cool breeze.

galahs drinking

Glorious days outside with the dogs, the trees, the clouds, the birds, oh what a marvel those lovely times can be! If you have places where you can rest and take in the glories of Nature, please leave a comment and tell us about it!