A Miracle! (Maybe …)

I was in the back yard this morning, Missy came out there with me, and she pottered around looking for things to chase and/or eat, while I watered the pot plants and the tomatoes. Graham, had mentioned to me that one of my plants had a tiny leaf coming, the little tree we both assumed was probably dead. I thought nothing more about it really when he mentioned it though, not counting leaves for I’d seen them growing …


(one of our plants, not the one that almost died, obviously, this is a jade tree which is definitely not deciduous …)

When I went outside and got going with the watering though, I remembered what Graham has said, and too a careful look at this particular tree. I can’t actually remember what kind of tree it is, I’ve had it for a long time. It’s a deciduous tree though, not an Australian native, I know that much. It’s a bonsai tree, one I created myself, from a tree I bought from an ordinary garden nursery. I turned the tree from and an ordinary tree into a bonsai tree – pruned it, styled it, wired it, and shaped it.

The caring for the trees is a shared task, there are a variety of different plants in one part of our yard, and they get watered, fertilised and fussed over, as time and level of interest allow. Obviously one of us was lacking in one of these things, because the particular tree went without water for too long, at one point during Spring, and it’s leaves all dried up and fell off. Then nothing, it looked like it had died, but neither of us did anything, we just watered all of the plants, including this one, because it happened to be there.

It’s sad to lose a tree, but given we’ve recently had troubles with our dogs and have gone from four dogs to only one dog, within less than a year, we’re not about to shed tears for the loss of a mere tree, no matter how much work it’s had done on it over the years. Dogs are and always will be more important that a little tree. I wanted to know what Graham had actually seen though, so I looked carefully at the tree, when I got to it this morning with the hose. I got up close, and yes, there it was, there was a new leaf coming. Then I looked more closely, and saw another four or five buds coming along, tiny little specks of green on the branches I’d thought were dead and lifeless, Hallelujah!

So this little tree is still growing, life has come where we thought there’d been death. It wasn’t really a miracle though, it was just luck, and I suppose it was the benefit of continuing with watering ‘just in case’. If you keep on doing things, just in case, this is the near miracle that can happen. We will continue caring for this tree, watering it, and I will keep on looking at it, and sometimes thinking about further training options for it, as it grows. It’s a nice enough little tree, a bonsai in the ‘informal upright’ style, at around twelve inches tall, maybe more with it’s full set of leaves, which I expect will continue arriving and growing until Autumn comes along, as it does every year, for that is Nature’s way.

The saving of this tree, that’s not a miracle. So what is a miracle, I wonder, is there anything I might consider a miracle? I suspect not. I’m not a religious person, I’m a believer in Nature, in the powers of good, but certainly not a believer in God. I think things just happen, and it’s only people who try to make these things miracles. Many things thought dead can come back to life. I say it’s not a miracle, but luck, chance, good work by medical experts or gardening people depending on the situation. For every thing that lived when it was thought dead, can it ever make up for the multitude of things that never came back to life? People put their own label on things, and one person’s miracle can be the next person’s sheer luck. Such is life.

above the fish pond

(definitely NOT bonsai trees! But maybe one day, who knows what might happen …)

The birds and bugs in the garden probably don’t believe in miracles, they just go about living their lives, eating things as needed, creeping and crawling or flittering and flying around, revelling in the water when it comes … Would they consider the soaking from the hose on a stinking hot day to be a miracle? No, I doubt it. But perhaps they might … Maybe tell me what you think about this possibly blasphemous thought in a message here!

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Summer Means Snakes …

We had a snake incident at our place a couple of days ago. It could have been a terrible time, but it was only and exciting time for our dog, Missy, and a worrying time for me. I’d let Missy out for a comfort break in the backyard, and she almost immediately sniffed out a snake that was by the fence to our pool area, in a bit of dying grass.

cute puppy pic
When Missy was a baby pup, many years ago

I saw a familiar slithering form heading off through the fence and away from the backyard and from possible death. Missy wanted that snake, she knew what to do, and who knows, maybe this time she may have actually killed it, without getting bitten and almost killed herself.Β  But the pool fence is too high for Missy to jump, and the snake disappeared, into the back part of our place, well away from us, and from our avid hound …

Life in the country is lovely, and I’m so glad we are country people now, and have been for almost thirty years. We have fitted in well to life on our part of the Adelaide Plains. In summer, Graham and Jake both play lawn bowls, and if they’re playing at home I watch them. They both do Lions related things with the Mallala Lions group, they both swin in our swimming pool, Graham tends to the garden, and Missy and I laze around most of the time, with the occasional bit of greater activity.

missy slightly bemused

Missy relaxing

But in Summer, for Missy, that greater activity can mean chasing prey, as is natural for sight hounds, and it could end up with death, if we’re not there to keep her safely away from trouble, or getting her to the vet for (expensive) treatment, if trouble in the form of a poisonous snake bites back … I love Missy, our sole remaining dog. This has been a terrible year for us, losing Missy’s mother, her brother, and then more recently, our very old schnauzer.

Life is like that, we’re born, we live, we die, human, canine, snakes too, the circle of life goes on and on for all living creatures. I watch ants outside sometimes, and ponder about whether they may also think on these things. They tramp and tramp, soldiers out to collect provisions for home camp, finding them and carrying huge items back for their community … The things they carry back are the things that die during the night, moths and insects drawn by the lights on at night, and dying, to give life to other creatures …

In Summer, I’m outside on the back veranda more, and see these things happening, and yes, those snakes will come visiting too, and yes again, if Missy sees the snake, Missy will chase the snake and try to kill it. She’s such a sweet dog, our Missy, but I do worry about her, please may we have many more years together, well at least another four years would be good …


our pool, in need of cleaning!

Summer Start Cool & Rainy

This year, Summer has started in a way our garden certainly seems to be appreciating. We’ve had a bit of rain, keeping the front and back lawns as well as most of our potted plants and trees watered naturally, and topping up the bird baths too. It’s also creating yet another mini lake on our front driveway. Perfect for nature, great for us!


For the final week of Spring, we had horrible hot and humid weather with a small amount of rain, but I certainly saw a few birds perched on various fences who looked like they wanted more rain. On the last day of Spring, I saw something in our pool, which turned out to be a lizard, floating on/in the pool. I carefully got closer to see if it was alive. It was, Yay.

I got the skimmer box lid, and used it to make the lizard float closer, then scooped up the lizard, and put in down next to the pool. It wasn’t happy at me and showed me its blue tongue in a kind of a snarl. I put down the skimmer box lid and got pool something or other with a long handle and carefully ‘encouraged’ the lizard to move further away from the pool.

Fortunately, it moved away as I wanted it too, and it has stayed away! Lizards, especially Blue Tongue Lizards are relatively common around where we live. We’ve had a few that fell victim to our dogs over the years. I’m glad this one was in the pool area, not the backyard. The dog doesn’t go in the pool area, so lizards are safe, if not really wanted. Snakes have been in our pool too, over the years. I certainly don’t work to save their lives though. The snakes we get here are poisonous ones, and in fact our dog was bitten by a Brown Snake a few years ago, and could have died if we hadn’t whizzed her off to the vet for treatment.

There’s a story that says if you have lizards you won’t have snakes, but I don’t know whether or not that’s true. I just make sure I keep an eye out for reptiles and deal with them as appropriate, keeping Missy the dog well away from any reptile action. I don’t ever want her to be bitten like that again. We love Missy, and we certainly don’t want to pay that much money again. Saving a dog bitten by a poisonous snake is expensive! It doesn’t always work either. We have excellent vets at the clinic we use.

blue flowers

My husband and son are due to play their weekly summer sport today, Lawn Bowls. My husband and I are watching the bit of rain we’re having at the moment, and hoping it doesn’t stop the game from starting, or ending it before the game is over. If the bowling club rinks get too wet, the game will be cancelled. And if they get a little bit wet, it tends to slow the bowls down as they journey to the other end of the rinks, when one of the bowlers have their turn. Fun times, hoping for the best for husband and son with their games today, and I know I will be there later on in the afternoon, unless the rain cancels play.

It will be interesting to see how this goes with the rest of Summer, a bit rainy instead of stinking hot is great for the garden and great for me too! My husband and son both like swimming though, so they both like the hotter weather. I’m happy to keep cool by staying inside, where the air conditioner does its work very well, or even sometimes a little too well for me. I like to be a little bit warm, but my husband likes to be a little bit cool … I can always put on another layer of clothes though, so I’m content to go with the temperature he likes the best …

The dog, Missy, likes to be inside on her sofa most of the time, and doesn’t seem to mind what the temperature is inside … A clever dog, this one! Do you have your own weather preferences? I’d love to hear about it if you do, feel free to leave a comment here!