It’s Hot Outside!

Missy and I have just come inside from a quick trip out into the backyard. It was lovely and cool inside, but boy, the heat hit us once we were outside. I think it affected me more than our dog Missy. After she’d done what she had to do, she lay down on the grass in the sun for a while. I did some squat exercises, and somehula hoop for blog hula hoop ones too (invisible hula hoop). missy slightly bemused

When I was done, I called Missy for a brush down, which she always loves, and then we went back inside. Sometimes I feel we’re too soft, and have the air conditioner on more than we really need it. I know that now, after being back inside for some hours, my hands are cold again. My husband is home again now, and he’s let Missy out yet again. I can see her at the back door, and I think I’ll go and let her back in again. One of the many joys of dog ownership!

OK, Missy and I are back inside, after a quick visit to the yard again, and a longer visit for Missy. She’s a dog, a hound, and she finds so many things of interest out there, things I have barely any understanding of. Sometimes she will raise her snout and sniff the wind as it blows past us. I won’t be able to smell much at all, most times, but she looks like she’s reading the wind for news …

I’ll feed Missy, and get back to this blog post. I saw Graham out there in the yard, not looking hot at all. He’s had a workout kind of day and he was being a starfish on the surface of the pool, limbs all stretched out, looking very, very cool indeed.

Anyway, Graham has come back inside, I’ve fed Missy, and she’s now finished her food and lying down on the tiles rather than her comfy sofa. She’s back on her sofa again now, though, and all is well. It’s been a good day for me today. I’ve been working on the monthly newsletter I’m involved with, and things are coming along well with that, and I should have it ready to go off for printing by next weekend, I think.

So that is how we manage on a hot day, inside, outside, hot and cool, Good times indeed!