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Why Gratitude is a Good Thing

I sometimes do a week of thanking Nature, and the world, for the good things in my life. Things like gentle breezes, flowers, trees, the lovely night sky (I live in the country), yummy fruit and vegetables. Feeling grateful for the good things in life is a fine meditative thing to do, much healthier for your mind than focusing on the bad things.

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Missy, our dog, is another thing I will usually put on my list of things, although some of the things she does certainly don’t get on my ‘gratitude’ list. If you’ve ever had a sight hound, you may have an idea about the unlovely things our lovely dog sometimes does. There’s no need for me to go into that here.


I am grateful for her though, and I’m especially grateful for all of the lovely birds that love around where I live. We have ones that most Australians would have, Magpipes, Sparrows, Starlings. We also have two different kinds of Honeyeaters, Crows, Murray Magpies, two kinds of Miners, and many others.


I have a list of the different kinds of birds that I have seen at my place. I’ve been working on this list for around twenty years, and I currently have around 45 different birds on the list. I live in country South Australia, about sixty kilometers north of Adelaide. We in a little townette, called Redbanks, on one and three quarter acres of land, with farmland on all sides of the town.

On our property we have around fifty trees and bushes over 2 metres tall, eucalypt trees, pine trees, a couple of citrus trees, and lots of others I don’t know the names of. There are different flowers at different times of the year, for birds to feed on, or for insects which also provide food for the birds. In am grateful for the trees, the flowers, even the insects because the birds can feast on them.

Feeling grateful for things, is so much healthier for a person than feeling angry about things, or despondent, or annoyed. There are things that annoy me, or otherwise are not things to be grateful for, but thinking too much about those things is a bad thing, not a good thing. It has been proven that positive thinking has good effects on a person’s health. I’m a believer in following good scientific studies, and I feel I am proof of the benefits on focusing on the positive in life.

As I have talked about on another of my blogs, where I talk about my life with Multiple Sclerosis. Talking about these things, and sharing the good things about my life with MS can help to remind me about how well I’m doing with this disease, and it can also give other people inspiration to find ways to be grateful about the good in their own lives too.


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Sunshine in the Garden

Yesterday was a fine day out in the sun! I was out there, exposing a small amount of skin, to soak up some of the good stuff the sun can give us, and also getting an environmentally good job done while I was out there.

We had lots of unneeded paper bags sitting in one of the drawers in the kitchen. They had previously contained fruit, vegetables, nuts, or who knows what. All I know is that they were unwanted, and that I didn’t want them to end up as land fill, I wanted them to do something good for the environment instead.

So I took them outside, set myself up with a comfy chair in the sun, and a container, and I ripped up all of those paper bags, and put them in the pot. We have a compost bin, which we put our appropriate scraps on, including used coffee grounds. The material in the bin has become a bit too damp, and I’m hoping the dry paper bags may help to soak up some moisture.

I’m certainly not an expert in composting, but I do know getting the correct amount of wet and dry is an important part in getting compost working well. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see whether it looks any better. If anyone out there is an expert, please leave a message.

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Household Habits, Outside and Inside

Well today was a day of potential danger, but of enjoyment too, if inwardly laughing at someone who is ridiculously (in your opinion) scared. Many things in and around our homes can be both dangerous and fun too.


Swimming pools are a good example of this, and at the other end of the temperature scale you have fire. Fires are lovely things to see, with those gloriously flickering orange/yellow/red flames. I’m not so keen on the swimming pool we have in the backyard, but my husband is. I acknowledge of course that a swimming pool is excellent for rapidly cooling in the stinking hot summers we have in South Australia where I live.

Fires though, I love watching a fire burning under control. We had some dried wood lying around our place, that had been there in the sun,k drying out for some time, and today was the day to ‘deal with it’. So Graham dragged all of the bigger branches together, and set fire to them. Whoosh up they went. I love the fires like that, beautiful!

Graham started the fire, and a little later I got involved, adding smaller branches, trying to place them so they encouraged the fire. Today was lovely outside, and there was a gentle breeze, so the smoke was wafting all around, which was a little challenging at times. Sometimes I feel like I’m a smoke magnet, today every time I tried to get out of the smoke the breeze blew it after me, it seemed at times. Haha!

I’m not sure how long exactly I stayed outside with the fire, adding dead twigs and dried out weeds. Graham went back inside and I stayed out there with the fire, revelling in its glory. I know I have the power to put out that kind of fire, with just a few minutes with the garden hose, so it’s not that unsafe as long as I’m careful. So I stayed with it, as it slowly burnt itself almost out, with ash and almost burnt up branches left to smoulder for a while.

Then I come back inside, and judging by the way I was feeling, I realised I’d allowed myself to get too hot, and I’d been standing up for too long. I’m certainly feeling the effects of it all now, sitting down again inside where there is only a normal inside temperature instead of a fiercely burning fire. Multiple Sclerosis is like that. You can be feeling almost ‘normal’ doing things anyone else might be able to do, then you overheat, or get fatigued, and watch out! the MS has hit you again.

Cooling down and resting for a while are both helping me, and fortunately I feel fine now. It’s a good thing I’m feeling fine too, because not that long ago, after I’d been sitting on the sofa for a while, Graham said ‘Watch out, Spider!’

He didn’t shriek, but I looked and immediately got up – he said I’d better get rid of the spider or he’d kill it. I knew he meant it too, because he really, really, really doesn’t like spiders. I looked where he pointed, and there was a huntsman (I guess), not the biggest I’ve ever seen, but not the smallest either. The spider was on the sofa I was sitting on, on the back part, where Graham’s head would have been, if he’d sat down like he was going to before he saw the unwanted visitor.

along came a spider

(This is a spider I’d rescued on another day, before Graham saw it and killed it)

I told him to get me the dustpan and brush and I’d take it outside. He went to the kitchen and I got up to take the dustpan and take the spider outside. I’ve done this lots of times. I don’t mind those big spiders, but Graham hates them, so I know the best thing for me to do if I ever see one inside is to take it out and release it to the ‘wild’ outside somewhere, away from the doors, hoping it will stay outside where Graham won’t kill it …

Those poor spiders, but poor Graham too, of course. He has been able to get over a huge phobia that he had when we first moved out to the country. He feared spiders as much as I feared snakes, before I was able to get over my fear. My fear was a more realistic one of course – the snakes we see at our place could kill, if I was bitten by one, but a huntsman spider is harmless to a human. Ah well, Graham is big and brave and lovely in many ways, and he’s allowed to have his quirks, I may have a quirk or two myself!

Living in the country brings in so many fearful, feisty and fun things. Fire, dangerous creatures, scary ones, and beautiful things too – fire again, and the lovely birds that fly around us here, I wouldn’t move back the to the suburbs if you paid me to! I think country living is far superior – what do others think? I’d love to know, leave a message here!