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Sunshine – Blessed Happiness

Today I did something I rarely do, I exposed most of my upper body to the sun! I kept my under clothes on, and my track pants, but I exposed some flesh to the lovely and blessed sunshine.

This unusual event occurred in the backyard, which is pretty private anyway, so if anybody copped a view of a little more than they were expecting, then they probably got more than they deserved! I was out there with husband and our dog Missy, while washing was being hung up, and then our Canna plants watered.

I looked at the mandarin tree while I was outside, and it certainly looked like it needs the watering it’s getting right now. We are forecast to have some much hotter weather in the next few days, and we need to make sure these plants get what they need. Sunshine is certainly needed by plants for the photosynthesizing process, but correct watering is important too, very important.

Humans need proper hydration (water) too. At the moment, I’m working on my second glass of water for the day, and I’ve had a cup of coffee first up, as I almost always do. That coffee counts toward my needed water intake, up to a point. I feel that if I have three cups of coffee, and about three glasses of water, that is probably enough for my needs.

Other people may have other needs. I did around twenty minutes of aerobic exercises today, with the family Wii Fit machine. I didn’t work hard enough to build up a big sweat, so it isn’t like a runner, who will lose much water through sweating. One day I may be fit enough to actually go jogging outside, but that moment is certainly not now. I get tired, just doing my two minutes of jogging on the spot inside with the Wii Fit machine …

Rome wasn’t built in one day, as they say, and my aerobic fitness is a work in progress. Getting sufficient sunshine is a work in progress too. I am slowly reducing my layers of clothing, after the cold of Winter and early Spring. I like to be warm, rather than being cool, other people prefer it the other way around.

I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and it is felt by the experts that vitamin d, at least the lack of it, may have a negative role in my disease. Having adequate vitamin d is felt to be healthful. So, if I want to be as healthy as possible, it is a good idea to receive vitamin d from the sunshine, whenever I can.

It’s a balancing game, this one though. I have also had skin cancers (in the early stages) removed. Sunshine brings both skin cancer and vitamin d, one bad thing, but one good thing too. So, I know that getting my sunshine for vitamin d in the morning and later afternoon is the best way to go. In the middle of the day, the sun is at its most dangerous level for skin cancer. I think I have the knowledge to make this work best for me.

On another level of being, sunshine simply makes me happy. I love what it does for the plants, the vegetables, the lawn, the trees, and the flowers. I feel so fortunate to have enough room, at my place to have all of these things, at our place in the country, with no tall buildings cutting out any of that blessed sunshine.

And of course, we have solar panels on our roof, and every moment of sunshine brings us more power for ‘free’. We’ve had our panels now for long enough to have covered the costs of their installation, so it is free actually, no need for the quote marks. Sunshine’s power helps to pay for some of the power we use, and I love that idea. I also love the fact that every bit of solar power we use is other, more worrying forms of power we don’t have to use.

This is good for everyone and everything sure, people, Nature, the planet. I know there are other things I could do that I don’t currently do, but at least I’m doing something …



4 thoughts on “Sunshine – Blessed Happiness

  1. That is nice that you are able to do that. It is difficult for some of us who are overly prudish. I will not even wear shorts. (I mean that I must wear long pants, not that I will go without shorts and anything else.) It was quite an ordeal to wear a tank top when I was in college, although after I did it, I have enjoyed doing so since then. I could not do with any less though. Such prudishness in very unhealthy, but I just never do anything about it. The odd thing is that I have a rather good physique. Most men would want to show such a physique off.


  2. That’s very interesting Tony … I have a swimming pool at my place, and today when I was out in the sun, I was wearing more clothes than if I’d been in the pool, un my torso, but not my legs. My legs were covered. Australians tend to be casual in warmer weather, and our Spring weather has started heading toward summery weather, at least briefly, things will be hot by Thursday, then head back down to warm at least for a while.
    I suspect we’re going to have a very hot summer, in Australia, we’ve already had some viciously hot weather in northern parts of the country. In my state, South Australia, we haven’t had much rain at all, and the grain crops around where I live have suffered because of it. We’ve been keeping our plants well watered though.


  3. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I don’t get much of myself in the sun, though I’d like to expose more. Age and a very fair skin are factors for me. I read that to receive the appropriate amount of Vitamin D you only need to be in the sun for about 15 minutes, and that it’s quite ok to do that early in the morning. It’s getting warmer here too- 30 and over for the next week so spring seems like it’s over weatherwise. No rain in sight here either.


    • Yes, that’s my understanding of the sunshine and vitamin D issue. So I thought I’d give myself a dose the other day, and stripped off my T shirt! I still had my bra on, and I don’t think anyone would have seen me. Tomorrow it’s going to be 38 in Redbanks, where I live, they’ve brought that down from 39 … It will be cloudy and so probably humid, which is not weather I like, not at all. I’ll be going from air conditioned house to air condiioned car to air condiitioned venues, tomorrow!
      Keep cool, and I will do the same.

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