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Watching the Birds …

Well, it’s Spring in Australia, and in the garden, Spring means lots of new things are coming along, both plants and creatures. One of the things I’ve been noticing much more than usual is young birds …

I’ve seen various birds doing their natural thing, courting, mating, nesting. And now I’m noticing the baby birds first, and now the adolescent birds. One bird species in particular has connected with me, and I was thrilled to see a pair of Willie Wagtails building a nest, and then obviously having laid eggs in the nest. The nest is only a couple of metres from where I park my car, and I’ve been thrilled to see the pair of birds taking turns at sitting on the nest.

About a fortnight ago, three baby Willie Wagtails could be seen in the nest, and then, a couple of days ago, they took flight! They didn’t fly very far, and they are still hanging around not too far from where that nest was that was their first home. These babies slowly  growing their tail feathers, practising their flying, and learning to wag their little tails!

I’m thrilled these little babes are living in and around our backyard, where I can see them and their parents whenever I go out of the backyard! I love seeing Nature so close to me, and I wish this family of lovely birds well! I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love these cheeky-seeming little birds!

Anyway, I have finally written a poem about these little new residents in the yard, and here it is, a little Haiku poem for the little baby birds:

Keeping watch
Willie Wagtail
babies all flown the nest –
parents still care …
I will go on watching this family of birds, and I hope they keep on staying around. I am worried though that Missy, our dog, might decide to make a snack of one of the baby birds. They are getting better at flying though, so I hope they will be able to keep on flying high above Missy’s reach, so they can stay safe. Missy usually only goes outside if someone goes outside too, and that means we can keep watch. I hope that will be enough.
At the moment, Missy seems mostly interested in hunting for, I suppose snakes … She hunts around the fence line, where there is some grass, and sheets of fencing panels, where snakes could be hiding. I so hope she doesn’t ever catch a snake, I don’t want to lose our beautiful and silly hound. But she’s a hunter through and through, and she doesn’t listen to us when the hunt is on …

5 thoughts on “Watching the Birds …

  1. I enjoy being able to experience Spring through your eyes when it’s Autumn here! I love the wagtails! I’ve only ever seen them in Egypt, mostly in the Eastern Desert. It would be great to see fledglings.


  2. Willie Wagtails are beautiful black and white birds, the smallest sized one, of three birds black and white birds easily seen around where I live, and lots of other places in South Australia. The next size up is the Murray Magpie, and the biggest it the Australian Magpie. All three birds have distinctive and different calls. We have lots of lovely birds in Australia, as I’m sure you do too, in your country!


  3. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I love Willie Wagtails for their song and their bravery. I’ve watched them see off magpies and other bigger birds. I was very much hoping a pair would nest in my garden this spring, but unfortunately for me, they’ve decided to go elsewhere. You are so lucky to have such delightful birds nesting in your garden.


  4. I was interested when I saw one of the parent birds zooming off and then flying back to the baby birds sitting near each other on the fence – the adult bird had a bug of some kind, and fed it to one baby, then flew off to get another for the babes, and the repeated it for the last one.

    Today, I saw the same thing, more or less, an adult bring a captured flying bug for one of the babies. I feel privelged to be watching this family having these momets together, just a few metres away from my comfortable sofa seat on our back veranda.


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