More Dog than Garden Today

Today my husband and I took our dog Missy to the vet, to see her specialist, actually. Missy has a disease called ‘Canine Dry Eye’, which means her tear ducts don’t actually make tears. This means she doesn’t naturally wash out the dust and things that get in her eyes, she just gets gunk in them instead, and it needs to be cleaned out by somebody else.

Missy has been on medications to try to deal with this problem, and in fact make her tear ducts actually work, but after an extended trial of this med, it’s proven to be useless for poor Missy. The specialist gave us four different options to deal with this problem, and
Graham and I made our decision, based on our feelings, knowing MIssy, and hearing what the specialist said.

I think we’re more or less at ease with the decision we’ve made, a painkiller to ease her pain, and an eye wash, to help wash all of the gunk out, twice a day. I’ve given her first half tablet to her, and Graham will get the eye wash type med tomorrow from the specialists office.

The specialist said a lot of things on Quality of Life, which of course is important to always bear in mind, to keep our beloved pets happy, healthy, and having as good a life as possible. Two of the options were not acceptable to me, not at all, given the circumstances, and I think another option was to do nothing, which is also not acceptable, not at all.


So medications will continue, and we all hope Missy’s QOL improves, and she has more years of a more or less happy and good life. Our pets can’t say what they need, we have to do our best to work it out, and hope for the best. At the moment, Missy is in her favourite spot, reclining on her sofa.

She’s been outside several times today, toilet breaks, looking around to check things out, sniffing around for some ‘wild tucker’, and other doggie things. And now,  Graham is in the kitchen, so Missy has jumped off the sofa and she’s there with him, hoping for a treat! Her tail is wagging, and yum, yes she got something nice to eat. She’s a good dog, and she deserves good things!


I feel that having pets adds so many good things to our lives, pets show us other ways to look at things in our lives, they make us get up and do things, and they remind us that there are other important things in life, not just us people.

Do you have pets that add to your life? I’d love to hear about it!


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