A Yard Sale for My Township


Do you love sales, the garage sale or Estate sale type, or the Op Shop type, I mean, not the kind of sale where there are glitzy shops and professional salespeople. I love them and I love them so much that I’ve decided to organise one for the small township I live in.

Redbanks is a small township in South Australia, to the north of Adelaide, about 55km away. It’s an easy drive, and in fact many people living in Redbanks commute to the city, as my husband and I did when we first moved there in 1988.

We’ve both retired from work now, and we’ve moving much more into the community, but not in the place where we live. We are involved with community related things in Mallala, which is the closest town, or in Gawler which is a bigger town, further to the south south-east of Redbanks.


There isn’t a lot happening in Redbanks really, apart from people getting on with living their own lives, no community-related things. In the past, there have been things happening there. There’s a Hall, which was donated to the Redbanks Community by the Methodist Church, and there used to be dances held at the hall.

After that, there was a table tennis club active, with people travelling from other towns nearby, for scheduled competition. But no more. Sadly the hall is not in great condition, but who knows, if the residents of Redbanks became the community of Redbanks, perhaps, some interesting community things could begin to start happening.

So as a forerunner to possibly more community things, I’ve decided to run a Progressive Yard Sale, and I hope I can get more residents interested in their township. So far, I have one resident very keen, an interested person who has given me some items to sell, and one resident has told me it won’t work and nobody will want to take part.


The photo is of the card I put together yesterday, and began delivering earlier today. I’ve put these in half of the letterboxes for houses along the main road of Redbanks, and I intend delivering them to the rest of the letterboxes tomorrow. My contact details are on the card, and I hope to get some phone calls from interested residents next week.

But I’m also very keen on the idea, and am happily working on putting the word out, in the hope there will far more interested residents rather than naysayers, people with things to sell, and who wish to look around to possibly buy some treasures once they’ve cleared away their unwanted things!

I have the kind of personality where I get keen on new ideas, and I’m happiest when I can get started on working on the new idea, while I’m still fired up with enthusiasm! I went to the Mallala Primary School and asked to see the principal. She wasn’t there, so I’ve left a message asking that she contacts me next week.

dig it

doggone it


I’ll be selling signed copies of my own books, as well as an assortment of other books, clearing space for other, newer books on our bookshelves. I also have lots of clothes I no longer want, that I will happily sell for a low cost, as well as an assortment of custom jewellery pieces I no longer need. Just thinking about this feels like fun!

I hope I’ll be able to donate at least $100 to the school, from the Fee to take part. The charge for that will be $5, but if people earn lots of money, who knows how much they may actually give – $5 is the minimum amount, but if there’s enough money, I know I’ll be happy to donate more, I hope other people will feel the same way!

I am a keen community person, and I’m excited about decluttering a bit, and making some money at the same time. If you’ve ever done anything like this, and ideas, and feedback would be most welcome!