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Winter, Wearying of the Cold …

In winter, I slow down, and hide inside, to keep the cold at bay. Some of the plants the garden slow down too, and hide their delicate bits away from the frost, if they can.

The birds are still out there, because of course these small creatures have to fossick around looking for food. I love to watch the sparrows and willie wagtails as they poke around on our pack patio, looking for little bits and pieces to eat.

And of course there are the bigger birds that are out there, coooing, squawking, and cawing, as well as other bird sounds. If I go outside, I am guaranteed to see lots of different birds, see or hear, I should say.

And of course there are magpies I will see along the road, if I drive anywhere, and crested pigeons as well as spotted turtle doves. And in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, if I go outside, into the backyard, I will hear our neighbours chickens, proudly telling all around they have laid an egg. Is that right, is that what they suddenly start going on about?

I’ve never had chickens of my own, and I was frightened of chickens as a child. My paternal grandmother had them, and when we stayed with her during school holidays, we had to go to the chicken coop and collect the eggs. It terrified me. I’m glad I had both my big brother, and my little brother there too. They weren’t as frightened of the chickens as I was.

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If you know anything about chickens and their habits, I’d love to hear some of your wisdom about them. I like the idea of having chickens, and having fresh eggs, with chickens that can roam around a bit, but I definitely wouldn’t want to actually go near the chickens.

My husband is too busy doing other things too, and it wouldn’t be fair to make him do that work, that’s for sure. Also, I suspect our dog would probably try to kill the chickens, she loves to hunt things.


Well she loves to do that, unless she’s having a snooze on the sofa, which she does most of the time, when she’s inside. Unless she’s in the kitchen, hoping to get some more food, which she’s doing at the moment. She loves to be in the kitchen when Graham is in there, cooking, like he is right now …

She gazing intently at something, and now she’s stepped closer to the stove, I think. Ever hopeful she is, looking up at him now, wagging her tail in anticipation. It’s always interesting watching the various critters around the place …

Do you have any creatures around where you live? I’d love to hear about them why not leave a comment here and tell me. I live in rural South Australia, other people in other places can have quite different creatures in their lives!