A Good Rain, Just What the Garden Wants

It’s been forecast in the past, but didn’t eventuate, but right now I can hear, see, and smell the good rain, pouring lovely water down all over my garden! It’s falling on the driveway too, which doesn’t need it, but that’s OK, the garden is happy and that’s important!

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 2.01.30 PM

When you have a garden, you have responsibilities to the plants you have planted, if yo want them to do the right thing for you. Too little water can mean plants die, it’s a simple fact of life (and death). Too much water can kill a plant too, of course, and I’ve been told by a horticulturist I hold in good stead, that kindness (in the form of too much water), is the main reason household plants die.

With rain, there is noting I can do to stop the garden from getting too much, but, because of where I live, there is little to worry about regarding having too much water, unless I mistreat a plant.

I recently lost a plant to having too much water, due to my lack of thought. The plant was a Calla Lily, and I loved the strong green leaves the pot plant had, and looked forward to seeing it flower. They are lovely flowers, colourful and eye-catching.

But my mistake was to put the plastic flower pot into another container, a more attractive one than the simple and plain black plastic pot the Calla Lily came in. But I didn’t think about it, at all. The lovely pink ‘overpot’ I placed the Lily in didn’t have any holes in the bottom of it, and every time the Lily was watered, a bit more water was left in the container, so that the Lily’s roots never had the chance to dry out a little, they stayed wet, always.

If you have plants please, please make sure they don’t get too much love (water)!


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When Life Feels Just Right

Gardens, dogs, Nature, family and friends, and a purpose in life. That’s how feel I have all together in my life, all mixed together to make for a good, and happy world. My community is there for me, as I am there for it.

Having a purpose in live, and feeling you are doing your best to meet that purpose, this is surely a secret to living a good life. This blog post, that I posted today, talks about this, and I feel it explains some more about me.

Life is make up of many aspects of being, what we love, what we do, what makes life feel worthwhile, who and what we love. Gardens, Nature, family, friends, and of course, our dog Missy is one of my friends.

A good garden is a lot like life in general. If you get all of the necessary ingredients right, your garden can thrive. Enough water, sunshine, fertiliser, and care from the gardener, these all go together to make your garden grow, and grow well.




A Yard Sale for My Township


Do you love sales, the garage sale or Estate sale type, or the Op Shop type, I mean, not the kind of sale where there are glitzy shops and professional salespeople. I love them and I love them so much that I’ve decided to organise one for the small township I live in.

Redbanks is a small township in South Australia, to the north of Adelaide, about 55km away. It’s an easy drive, and in fact many people living in Redbanks commute to the city, as my husband and I did when we first moved there in 1988.

We’ve both retired from work now, and we’ve moving much more into the community, but not in the place where we live. We are involved with community related things in Mallala, which is the closest town, or in Gawler which is a bigger town, further to the south south-east of Redbanks.


There isn’t a lot happening in Redbanks really, apart from people getting on with living their own lives, no community-related things. In the past, there have been things happening there. There’s a Hall, which was donated to the Redbanks Community by the Methodist Church, and there used to be dances held at the hall.

After that, there was a table tennis club active, with people travelling from other towns nearby, for scheduled competition. But no more. Sadly the hall is not in great condition, but who knows, if the residents of Redbanks became the community of Redbanks, perhaps, some interesting community things could begin to start happening.

So as a forerunner to possibly more community things, I’ve decided to run a Progressive Yard Sale, and I hope I can get more residents interested in their township. So far, I have one resident very keen, an interested person who has given me some items to sell, and one resident has told me it won’t work and nobody will want to take part.


The photo is of the card I put together yesterday, and began delivering earlier today. I’ve put these in half of the letterboxes for houses along the main road of Redbanks, and I intend delivering them to the rest of the letterboxes tomorrow. My contact details are on the card, and I hope to get some phone calls from interested residents next week.

But I’m also very keen on the idea, and am happily working on putting the word out, in the hope there will far more interested residents rather than naysayers, people with things to sell, and who wish to look around to possibly buy some treasures once they’ve cleared away their unwanted things!

I have the kind of personality where I get keen on new ideas, and I’m happiest when I can get started on working on the new idea, while I’m still fired up with enthusiasm! I went to the Mallala Primary School and asked to see the principal. She wasn’t there, so I’ve left a message asking that she contacts me next week.

dig it

doggone it


I’ll be selling signed copies of my own books, as well as an assortment of other books, clearing space for other, newer books on our bookshelves. I also have lots of clothes I no longer want, that I will happily sell for a low cost, as well as an assortment of custom jewellery pieces I no longer need. Just thinking about this feels like fun!

I hope I’ll be able to donate at least $100 to the school, from the Fee to take part. The charge for that will be $5, but if people earn lots of money, who knows how much they may actually give – $5 is the minimum amount, but if there’s enough money, I know I’ll be happy to donate more, I hope other people will feel the same way!

I am a keen community person, and I’m excited about decluttering a bit, and making some money at the same time. If you’ve ever done anything like this, and ideas, and feedback would be most welcome!



Duty Done Outside

Today I had two tasks to do, because my partner who usually does them has something else he wanted to do.


So I watered the potted plants in the backyard (task one) and then I watered the canna lilies we have planted further down the back (task two), and I watered the mandarin tree (which failed in terms of fruiting this season) (task three – which was my decision, not a given task). I watered the mandarin because I want it to stay healthy, because I loved growing our own, when it grew its fruit in its first growing season.

Then I came back inside, for a definitely well-earned rest. So here I am writing about and thinking about gardens, and dogs, which of course is appropriate to do, on a blog with the title of Gardendog’s Blog.

Our dog Missy came outside with me, happily, not actually following me, just being present with me, more or less. She did her usual sniffing in her usual places, trotting along her usual routes, eating a little bit of grass, sniffing some more things, just checking out what was going on, in her yard.

Because, the backyard is an important part of where Missy lives. She loves sleeping on her sofa, sure, but she has her own duties, involving keeping us all safe from intruders, and searching out any other possible problems that may ‘crop up’. I don’t know what those problems might be, but Missy probably does. People and dogs know different things, do different things, care about different things …

So I’m back inside, and thinking about how the dog/human connections are so beneficial, how much I love having this mostly lovely but sometimes annoying hound in my life. She is a beautiful creature, she is affectionate, and does some funny things. It feels good to be caring for another, the way we care for Missy. She is grateful for all we do for her, we are grateful for all she does for us. Perfect.

Living with dogs can certainly be a good thing, I’ve lived with dogs for many years, I can barely remember how long ago it was, that we had a ‘dog free’ home. It was before I was married, I know that, so at least thirty-three years ago. I feel sorry for people without a pet in their life, although, I’m not sure that having a pet other than a dog, or dogs, but I certainly realise that we are all different, and like different things.

me and the boys

And of course, living with dogs has given me much to write about – the photo is one taken back many years, when I had put out my first book in the ‘Buster the Dog’ series, “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”. That’s me in the photo, with two of our first litter of Pharaoh Hounds bred. I’ve written and printed my third book in that series, and looking to get stuck into writing the fourth book in the series, where Buster the Dog must learn to live in a new home, with another person, and with that other person’s cat!

Oh dear, I hope Buster the Dog, and McTavish the Cat work these things out well, and in an interesting way! Cats and dogs can live together well, but certainly I would never consider bringing a cat into Missy’s territory, because she’s certainly shown us she definitely Does Not Like Cats!

If you have both dogs and cats in your life, I’d love to hear about how they get on!



Why I Love Geraniums

Geraniums are tough. Geraniums are pretty. Geraniums can go without water, for a while, and still live. Geraniums can have different kinds of leaves. And lastly, geraniums have a huge range of differently coloured flowers. Oh, some geraniums have beautifully scented leaves.

So, having said all of that, I don’t feel I need to say too much more, but I will anyway, because, hey, this is a blog, and I like to put my writing ‘out there’, and of course, blogs are good for doing that. And I have some photographs of some, possibly all, of our geraniums that we have growing at our place.

Just for your information, we live around sixty kilometres north of Adelaide, where it can get quite hot at times, and is often very windy. Our geraniums manage well in these conditions, flowering nicely. Most of our geraniums came from cuttings I have made, using material from those I’ve found at various places. I remove a stem with some leaves on it, put it in some soil, and keep it moist, and let Nature do its magic.

cropped-imag0284-1.jpgIMAG0283 (1)IMAG0285 (1)pelargonium

These are a few of our different geraniums, there are around three or four more different ones.Or that might be five or six. I really should count them, I suppose. It’s too dark to do it now!


Finally, My Rosella Poem

I’ve finally finished writing my rosella poem I mentioned in my last post. It isn’t a poem of great poetic note, I don’t think, but it’s a little bit of my thoughts about the birds I see around the place, and those feline creatures that kill and eat them.

I am not a cat hater, but I definitely prefer the various birds that live all around my place. I am definitely a dog lover too, and it saddens me that our dog Missy will catch and eat birds too, if she can. That’s why I’m glad Missy likes lounging around on the sofa for a large part of the day, and all of the night, safely shut inside.

Anyway, here is that poem, have a read, and leave a comment, I love to have feedback on my poetry!


What Mother Nature has Shown Us

Four rosellas, strolling free,

wandering around in the shade,

as casual and easy as they could be,

and as free as Nature made.


So what’s a rosella, you might ask

well I’ll tell you what, it’s a bird

and seeing and noting them is my task

every one, as they’ve occurred.


For I am a birdwatcher, that’s a job,

I gave myself, and happily do.

Whether it’s a single bird, or a mob

I think they’re beautiful, don’t you?


And I tell you this, my good fella,

birds a very attractive visitor –

with not many better than an Adelaide rosella –

a favourite of mine, that’s for sure!


I have a list, of the birds I’ve seen

as they come visiting where I live,

I write down each, when they’ve been –

a new bird, hooray, what thanks I give!


But today I’ve seen something not so good

A grey cat skulking about on the lawn –

it’s not my cat, and I think it should

go away, for my thoughts are torn –


I wouldn’t want to hurt a creature

and this is cat is somebody’s pet,

it’s bright red collar is quite a feature,

as red a red as you could get.


This cat’s been around for many weeks

but these rosellas are much more rare

and I want these critters with their beaks,

but cats? Bah, I couldn’t care!


Nature gives me these wild critters

birds fly in and then off they go,

but that cat here gives me the jitters,

what if a bird is a little too slow?


Catching birds is something that cats

like to do, but they get fed by owners.

Birds forage for their food, and that’s

what Mother Nature has shown us.


In my ideal world there are no cats,

or if there are, they stay inside,

so birds are safe from felines, that’s

safest for birds, & they won’t have to hide!

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A Poetic-Bird Related Challenge

I mentioned the Adelaide Rosellas in my front yard here recently, and have been challenged to write a poem about these visitors. I like writing poetry, and do it often, and I’m always happy to take on a poetry prompt. So, thank you John Malone, this will be a poem you encouraged me to write!

I’ve begun writing this as yet untitled poem. I don’t know when I will have it finished, or exactly how the poem will be by the time it is done, but I want it to be a poem suitable for children, and I want to send it, with other writing, to my favourite publication for children, The School Magazine. They aren’t accepting submissions at the moment, but they will be again sometime …

If I want this rosella poem to get published, it will have to be appealing to both the editor of this Magazine, and to children too, of course. The Adelaide Rosella isn’t a bird children in other states are likely to encounter unless they are from South Australia. They may have seen other kinds of rosellas though, and if I can make my poem appealing enough, it may find favour …

At the moment I’m thinking about the way the two words rosella and fella both rhyme, and that may lead me into a good path for a humorous poem, who knows? And the fact that the grey cat that’s been hanging around our place was in the same place I saw the rosellas may add an interesting hint of possible danger for the birds … Who knows? Well, hopefully I know, this is the poem I have to write!