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Winter Feels Like Spring

Outside the plants are growing green and flowers in a variety of colours are brightening our times outside. We still have strawberries popping up in hanging baskets on our back veranda, and life is certainly sweet! Nights and early mornings are cold though, and our air conditioner on ‘heat’ is most welcome to take the edge off the cold inside.

My poetry output is coming along, with another few poems written in the past week, and one of those poems in particular seems worth sharing further, somewhere, sometime. I’m not good at this ‘getting my work out there’ stage of the poetry writing thing. But for my next collection, perhaps, next year? Who knows …

Will the real Spring nudge me into action on that front? I can but hope. As I said, I’m not good at this. I have some poems that would be suitable for children, and I know an excellent publisher for such works, but I’ve still done nothing about getting those poems to that publisher. If my head wasn’t firmly attached to me body, would it say on?

Ah, self-recrimination, how could I live without you? I’d live quite well actually, I suspect. But there’s always the next thing, the new, thing, the best thing, and so old tried and tested things are ignored, opportunities missed. But as I sometimes write on my Facebook page, Life is Good. The birds outside my back door are still flying around, hunting and eating bugs and so interesting and entertaining me.

And this lovely weather we’re having! If this is Winter, then I’m enjoying Winter very much, except for the chilly times in the evening and the morning … But I look at our indoor/outdoor temperature gauge, and it is now warmer inside than it is outside (in the shade). And the sun is shining, so I don’t have to feel as guilty about using the power for the heating (air conditioner). Our solar panels are doing their job, and even if we’re not making all of the power we’re using, at least we’re making some of it.

Thinking about the seasons, and the plants leads me to the novel I’ve been playing with. I get excited and write a bit, then something else needs to be done and this work in progress stops progressing. Again. I’m much more excited about the idea of being a novelist than I am about actually writing a novel, that’s the problem. I play with little bits of writing, and the longer novel form seems like too much of an ongoing thing.

Will Spring really help me get something happening here, with this novel? Maybe yes, maybe no. But at least other bits of writing happen. I have a book that will almost certainly be ready to launch at the end of July, at the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words 2017. The text (my part of it) is almost all written and in a document, and the other bits are on their way, and there’s still more than a full month before I need to have it. Something to be proud of for sure.

And isn’t that something we all need in our lives? Something to be proud of ourselves for. If you’ve done things in your life you’re proud of, feel free to tell us about it – leave a comment here!

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Not a Dog, not a Professional Gardener

I am a person who likesĀ dogs and also likes to be in her garden. Most of the work in our garden is done by my husband, or with the tall trees we have, by others before we moved to our home.

I watch our dogs though, quite a lot and I like to think about them, and other dogs. I like to do some easy things in the garden too, at times. Mostly I like to sit on the front or more usually back veranda and just look at the things out there. Trees, grass, insects, plants, clouds and of course our four dogs.

I’m sure lots of people would say similar things to me. I’m perhaps a little bit unusual because I write a blog about these things, and I have also written a book about gardening from a dog’s point of view. It was make believe, of course, I pretended I was a dog, thought about how dogs might think about gardening, and just wrote and wrote until I had enough text to make a book, after my clever friend did some great illustrations.

I self-published this book, “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”

me and the boys

Photo from back when the first print run of my first self-published book came out. “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”

years ago, but I still manage to sell another copy every now and then. I haven’t sole thousands of copies, but that doesn’t matter. What I did in fact, was to follow up that first book with another book “Doggone It – MindfulnessĀ from a Dog’s Point of View”, also illustrated by the same person. This book was also written from that dog’s point of view, and the particular dog is the one that lives inside my head, Buster. Buster is a combination of the two breeds of dogs we have, and he’s a fun guy to be around, I enjoy doing these things with him.

Buster and I are working on our next book at the moment. This book will be called “Dog Buddha’s Thoughts” and is quite a different looking book, (I think). There will be a few illustrations again (not as many), and it will be a longer book. This is if all things go to plan, of course. My plan is that I will finish writing the text before the end of March, then send the text off to the illustrator. After they come back, I’ll put the book together then get as many copies as I can printed. I will hold a book launch for this book in July, during the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words 2017.