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Why I Love My Garden

At the moment, I would be unable to actually go out into my garden, unless someone helped me get outside, and into it. I fractured my ankle a month ago, and the surgeon who operated on my ankle, putting in various metal things to strengthen the joint, told me I was to put no weight on my ankle, my right ankle.

This means I can’t walk down the step to get from inside to outside. I can’t even walk inside the house. I have a few mobility aids to help me get around the house, but they don’t help me with that vital step down to ‘Freedom’! I can however, sit on my sofa, and see parts of both my front and back gardens. I can see various of out flowers growing, and I can see some of the birds that live in and around our place.


these flowers all came from our garden

Gardens bring birds to a garden, because there are so many things in a garden that birds need – food, and shelter. Flowering plants attract insects, which some birds eat. The flowers are also a precursor to fruit and vegetables, and seeds, which some birds eat. It all goes together the way Nature intends it to go, and I love to see it going on all around me!

I’m a birdwatcher, and I love to see birds all around the place, well through the window, anyway at the moment, when they fly or walk into view. It makes me very happy to see these marvellous creatures enjoying my garden, and makes me enjoy the garden too, even more!


almond growing in one of our almond trees in the garden

So even though I can’t get out there in the garden, I know it’s there, and I’m so looking forward to the time my ankle is healed,and I can get out there walking around the garden again!


snow peas growing in our garden

All of these garden-related things bring me joy, and I am so grateful to have them here where I live! I love my garden, do you love your garden too?

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Swapping Cuttings – Fun with Flowers!

I have a particular fondness for geraniums and pelargoniums. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before in this blog. I have a few different coloured ones growing in my front yard and in pots along the front veranda.

Well a friend of mine, a keen gardener and taker of cuttings arranged with me to do a swap, on a shopping trip, out my way, she’d bring some cuttings from her garden, and get some cuttings from my garden. As it turned out, yesterday was the big cutting swap day, and it was also the day my writing group was meeting at my house.

So Trish arrived, when the writing group was still at the idle chit chat stage, she sat with us for a while, then she took her little cuttings scissors out to the front yard, collecting cuttings to take home, and try to grow.


While Trish was outside, the writing group members got on with reading pieces from our homework from the previous week, and then on doing the session’s writing exercise, which was to write a piece of creative writing based the given prompt. Then Trish had to go, leaving me with a bag full of geranium/pelargonium cuttings for me to deal with once my house was all my own again!

So, that’s what I did, the cuttings left for me needed further cutting back, with excess material to be dealt with, and the actual cuttings I would be using had to be put somewhere where they could grow roots, and then beginning growing leaves and flowers.

At the moment, I’m unable to go out into my backyard, where there are pots and soil, so I opted to try generating roots on the cuttings in a container of water instead. I’d Googled this idea earlier in the day, and yes, it was something that can work, so away I went. I’m currently living with a recovering ankle, having fractured my right ankle about a month ago. It’s been interesting times, that’s for sure!


I found a glass jar, put water in it and got cutting back the provided cuttings, removing flowers and excess leaves, and shortening the stems. The bits and pieces I cut off all went into the container we have in our kitchen, for things to be composted, so away I went, snip, snip, into the jar with water, then all of the ‘unwanted’ material into the compost bin.

So, all done, and all I have to do is wait, patiently, so see if anything happens … If it does, that will be great, and I hope I’ll be mobile again by then, and can deal with potting out the new plants. My surgeon who fixed up my ankle has told me I’ll be able begin putting some weight on my right foot in around a months time. All good!

And another good thing about the afternoon was that our dog, Missy, was loose in the house and she was a good girl, not biting anyone, and not barking too much, or for too long! We don’t have many visitors, and I wasn’t sure how Missy would behave, and I was so happy she was a good girl! I’ll certainly be less nervous next time we have visitors. Dogs need to get used to new things, and having random people in Missy’s home is definitely a new thing for our dog.


The writing group is going to go on meeting once a fortnight at my place until I can drive into Gawler, where our usual weekly meeting place, the Prince Albert Hotel, is. So, at least two more meetings at my home, two more chances for Missy to meet and greet guests, and two more meetings with my friends, while my mobility is ‘challenged’ this way.



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Metaphorical Tulips

Life is a paddock full of tulips


Strong green shoots with a rainbow of colour

windblown, waving, beautiful. Then, Summer –

flowering ends, greenery dies down,

paddock appears dead, lifeless, but

underground, bulbs form, grow larger

helped by rain, aided by nutrients –

Autumn, Winter, Spring again, blooms

vibrant, precious, each flower a gift

from Nature, for us to admire in situ,

or inside – to cut & display, show off,

admire. Wondrous promises of life.


I don’t have tulips at my place, I have freesias and another kind of bulb that I have been growing since buying the bulbs when Mallala Primary School was doing a fundraiser when my son was going to school there.

I love the way the freesia bulbs we planted are spreading in the front yard, all on their own, via seeds being blown in the wind, and by tiny bulbs growing underground and popping up again every Spring, with beautiful different coloured flowers.

The other bulb is one that had striking red/orange blooms, and that is popping up (less often) in parts of our backyard. We don’t water any of these bulbs very much and we haven’t had a lot of rain, but still these plants go on doing their thing, grow, flower, die off, spread, grow, flower, die off, every season, as Nature decrees shall happen.

We can admire the bulbs flowering outside, and we can cut flowers off the plants and admire them inside, bringing Nature’s loveliness into our home, both visually, and the delicious scent of the Freesias.

Natural scents bring something even more special into a home, no toxic chemical odours, just sweet natural ones. 20190925_161224

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Snow Pea Update

I realise not everyone in the world will be interested in what I’m going to write about in this blog post, but if you read the headline and thought you’d like to know about what I have to say about Snow peas, and update, in fact, keep reading.

My husband is the one who does all of the heavy work in our garden, as well as just about everything else. I do some watering, if needed, when he isn’t there to do it, and of course, I keep an eye on what’s going on, because I let the dog, Missy, out for her outside times. When I let Missy out, I will often go out to, and I’ll look around at the garden.

It’s Spring in Australia now, just started, and we have lots and lots of lovely flowers around the place. I’ve just picked a few flowers and put them in a tiny little cut glass vase, two freesia blossoms and one geranium. It’s sitting on the windowpane in the kitchen and looks sweet.

The more important item in the garden at the moment though is the vegetable patch, where we have a fine crop of snow peas coming along.20190827_122837I love snow peas, and the couple I’ve had so far have been lovely and sweet, crunchy morsels of green goodness! The plants we have growing are fulling up the garden bed they’re planted in and reaching for the sky, helped with various sticks and strings for them to cling to, and climb up.

Anyway, I’ve done a bit of helping further, encouraging the curl their tendrils around the string in a couple of places, and also check out the growth of actual snow peas, size and numbers growing. My husband counted how many actual snow peas were growing today, and he said there were three, I think, or it may have been four. That was this morning.

After lunch today, I went out, with Missy, and looked at the snow peas myself. After taking a good look at the situation, I counted seven actual snow peas, with one of them getting close to being big enough to pick. There are increasing amounts of plants flowering, and so there will be increasing number of actual vegetables coming along after.

Snow peas are funny – the vegetable grows from the flower, and they can begin growing from where the flower was, with the petals of the flower at the far end of the actual pea pod. Well, I think it’s funny, anyway. In the photo above, you can see a little bit at the far end of the pea, that’s where the petals were attached, and fell off.

Anyway, that’s an update of our snow peas in our garden. I suspect once the season is over, I may not get so excited about them, but I certainly aim at enjoying eating snow peas regularly, I wrote somewhere recently that I thought snow peas may be my favourite vegetable, and I still think that might be true.

Another thing we have in our garden, is a few different herbs growing. We have chocolate mint, and thyme. The chocolate mint is in a pot, near our garlic plants, and the thyme is in a hanging pot, on the back patio, close to our back door. I could just be satisfied with looking at the plants, which are attractive enough, in their own ways, (the mint with its green leaves, and the thyme with its lovely little flowers growing just now).

But there is more to do with these plants than just look at them. I love having a cup of herbal tea, every now and then, as I did today, so while I was outside, I picked a bit of the thyme and the chocolate mint leaves, and brewed myself a cuppa. I was thinking about whether to put honey or sugar in my tea, and then had a brainwave. We have Cadbury chocolate powder in the kitchen, so I put about a third of a teaspoon of that in my tea, and oh my, it was delicious!

I’ve trying to cut my cups of coffee down, so knowing how good the herbal tea is, is going to make that easier for me, for sure! Speaking of coffee, I’ve only had one cup so far today, and I can have one more for sure. I’m trying to keep it down to two cups of coffee, or maybe three, if I’m going to be out late at night. So time for another cup of coffee for me. The tea was nice, but coffee has that added punch!

I’d love to know what you have growing in your garden, why not leave a message?!

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What’s Good in Our Garden?

Well, in Australia, where I live, it’s Spring, just started, and the garden sure knows it. We have lovely flowers all around, and our snow pea plants in the vegetable patch are flowering and growing lovely sweet snowpeas, yum!


We have almond trees with the lovely blossom in the process of dropping, with almonds coming along after, which I know I probably won’t get to eat, because we have no netting to save the nuts from the cockatoos. I don’t really mind this, I’m glad to be feeding these birds, but I do like eating almonds myself …

The clover is flowering and growing yuck prickles, in the lawns. I’ve been pulling it up in the backyard, so that will be relatively prickle free, but the other grassed areas are too big for me to attend to, pulling up by hand. I suspect we’ll just let it go again, and wear thongs to keep our feet safe, once the warm weather starts.

What else? Well today is a breezy day, warm and lovely, and the wind chimes on the back patio are tinkling away beautifully, compliments of that breeze. Rain has been forecast, and things are slowly getting darker outside as we are approaching early lunchtime (or should that be late brunch?).

Our garden got a nice bit of rain the day before yesterday, and more rain would be very useful to our garden, and of course everyone else’s gardens, and good for all of the crops growing around the northern Adelaide Plains area where I live.

The Light River, which is just to the north of where I live, isn’t flowing, which shows that Winter wasn’t all that rainy – usually, but this time of year, the Light River would have been flowing under the bridge to the town closest to where I live, it isn’t though. Dry days, overall …

And of course, Missy has been in and out of our yards, back and front. She gets a bit of off lead time at the end of her walk with my husband, Graham. he undoes the lead and she usually runs to the front door, to come back inside again. This morning though, she ran off toward the neighbours on the southern side of our place, where they have new sheep in their yard, apparently.

I was very worried when I saw her through the window, and quickly got up to see what was going on. I’m glad she came back when Graham and I both called for her, I’d hate it if she did anything wrong with those new sheep … Dogs and livestock, they should be kept safe, that is the human role. after all.

That’s it for now. I’ll report back another time, when I have more to say! If you have things happening with your garden and your dog, I’d love to hear about it, why not leave a comment!

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What a Day Yesterday was!

I had a fun time yesterday, but I’m glad I’d planned it so well, it could have gone sideways fast! Yesterday I knew the main thing I had to do for the day, the number one must do item. This ‘thing’ was to attend a forum, for which there was a quite handy payment, simply for taking part.

I’m not an idiot, if somebody wants to give me money simply for giving my opinion, I’m not going to say no! The venue is not close to where I live, but it’s in a place I feel connected to, to some extent. Another venue I was thinking of visiting soon, was on the way, sort of, so I thought if I go to that venue but didn’t stay too long, then it would make the long drive more worth it.

So that’s what I did, I drove to Nuriootpa to visit someone I went to school with, to buy some plants that sounded great, and were at a great price, and after that, I drove on to Clare for the forum. The plants were at the Mitre 10 store, where my former schoolmate works, and we had a lovely chat and have decided to catch up again properly, soon! (Thanks Debbie!) Combining these two events in the one trip made much more sense, with the number of kilometers driven.

I now have four more ‘pigs face’ plants, and these new plants are all in different colours to the one we already have at home. The idea of being able to get these in colours different to the one we already have was the thing that made it seem worthwhile, and only $2.50 per pot, a bargain! They will look lovely once they really get growing, and are planted up in hanging baskets on our back patio … So Debbie and I chatted, and when it was time to, I put the plants in my car and headed off to Clare.

Then the forum. There were seven other attendees, plus two people organising things, and we all worked to getting some new ideas thought about, and with different ideas about how it could go. The eight of us were split into two groups, and even though we weren’t all that well known to each other, it all went along very well indeed. It will be interesting to see whether next year, any of the things we did come into fruition.

So we worked, thought, perhaps ate a choc chip cookie or two, and then the time was up. It was getting dark by that time, and I was reminded of two things, that I’d got myself lost in the Barossa region previously, and that I really am not keen on driving in unfamiliar places at night, especially when it was raining. Last night the rain had well and truly arrived.

Anyway, I kept on driving, with the GPS in my mobile phone keeping me on track, but gee was I glad to get home. My husband was still up, even though it was getting quite late, but we were both happy to head off to bed, soon after I arrived home, after watching some of the show on the TV.

I forgot about the plants in my car until after lunch today, and I’m glad it was quite a mild day, and that I finally did remember them, and take them around to the back yard, where most of our pot plants are. One of the new plants isn’t flowering yet, but one of the people from Mitre 10 yesterday, showed me what they look like, quite a gentle pink, which will go nicely indeed!

So talking, thinking, ideas, a friend from the past (and possibly into the future too), plus new plants, payment for a job well done, and new plants, what a good day that was, made even better than it may have been, with some planning. I am currently thinking about the philosophy of the Stoics, who value planning, thinking on their day’s things to come, and then thinking on the day that has been.

So consider this blog post a part of my philosophical musings …

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Easy Plants are Good Plants

IMAG0284 (1).jpgBy easy plants, I mean the ones that are forgiving if one forgets to water them every now and then, and that keep on doing their thing (whatever their particular ‘thing’ is), and that bring if not joy, then not sorrow or anger. For me, that ‘easy plant’ is the geranium. I love them, and have quite a few of them in my garden, big pots of beautiful colour for me to look at and enjoy.

This morning I went out the front of our yard. and took photographs of the seven different colours/types of geraniums we have growing. At least two of our geranium plants aren’t flowering at the moment, so I didn’t take a photo of them. I know that at least on of those two is definitely a different colour with its flowers, and it’s leaf shape is quite different too, it’s spiky shaped rather than the more usual round shape. So that adds up to at least eight and perhaps nine different coloured geraniums. The spiky leaved one has blossoms that are quite a purplish pink colour.

I don’t know how many different colours there are of geranium blooms there are, but I’m quite sure it’s a big number. I have an interest of a lazy kind, to increase the number of differently coloured geraniums we have growing. By lazy, I mean I will only try to propagate a new colour if I happen to get my hands on propagating material easily, and if I have the time and interest to do anything with such material once I get it home.

IMAG0283 (1)

I’ve had a couple of recent failures at doing this, because I wasn’t keen enough to make sure it worked. Leaving new attempts without adequate water isn’t going to do the job, as I already knew. So I failed at a climbing rather than bushy kind of geranium, and even though I know I can get that one again from the same place, that would mean I’d have to ‘fess up about my failed attempt, and I’m not sure I want to do that quite yet …

I’ve put photographs of our seven currently flowering geraniums up on my Facebook page, just because, well I’m not sure why really. I think just because I like this plant, and wanted to show what they look like, and perhaps get a conversation going about them.

I’m sure I’ve seen an almost pale orange-ish coloured in the past, but that was a long time ago. I’ve certainly not seen anything like that around the place at all. If I had I probably would have got myself a stem of it, and propagated it, or at least tried too! I’m not obsessionable about these plants, I’m just quite keen! Today has been largely a sit around then get up and wander around outside kind of day.

I’ve done my informal leg exercise/salute to the sun thing a couple of times, holding my arms up to the lovely sun, that sends its rays down to us for free. Then I bend my knees and do an inelegant squat, that helps to strengthen my upper legs, and possible my calf muscles too, who knows? I always feel good when I do this, it feels like being outside, close to Nature, with the growing things, and the creatures all present in my acknowledgement of all the good out there, is a blessing to me and to Nature.

IMAG0285 (1)

Some may refer to God when speaking of things like this, or Spirituality, but I refer to it as Nature. The three things could in fact amount to the same thing, who alive really knows? It feels replenishing to me, and it feels good. And that surely is a good thing for us all? Blessings to anyone reading this, I hope you’ve been inspired to get outside with Nature!