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Dogs So Love Doing This

Missy is such a lovely dog, and she sure loves rolling on the grass of our back yard!

Time spent watching Missy doing this is a lovely way to spend a minute or so on a mild day when I’m at home, and she is feeling comfy on the lawn! All dogs should have a nice lawn to roll on, when they want to!

It’s almost a blissful almost Buddhist moment, watching Missy rolling on the grass, sometimes!

Missy is a Pharaoh Hound, who was bred to be a show dog, but that never happened, so she’s our loved pet dog instead.

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Birds in the Garden

When I go out into our garden, I might be out there to let Missy out for ‘a run’, ie a toilet break, if she needs it, but I will also be looking and listening, checking out which kinds of birds are out there.

We’ve just come back inside, Missy and I, and even though I was busily cleaning up what Missy went out there to do, I can report that I saw many Sparrows, and one Willie Wagtails. The Sparrows are by far the commonest bird we have here, and everywhere else, I suspect, they seem to be pervasive. I doubt I can go outside anywhere around during the day, and not see Sparrows.

If you’re not from Australia, you may not know the Willie Wagtail. They are a smallish black and white bird, native to Australia, with a long tail that they do indeed ‘wag’ as the name suggests. They have a sweet call, and are delightful birds to have around the place.

Last breeding season, we had a nest built by Willie Wagtails, on the old satellite dish attached to the side of our house. There were eggs laid, and hatched, and I like to think some of the smaller Willie Wagtails here may have been born in that nest.

If you’re interested, you will find lots of information about this jaunty bird here. I love the Willie Wagtails, and I was so thrilled they nested right where I could see it all happening, just a few metres away from me, as I looked over the fence from the backyard to the front.

I have also seen Sparrows in the front yard, as well as seeing a Black Bird there. There are often Black Birds in the front yard, poking around on the front veranda, or on the lawn I can see from my comfy sofa seat on the lounge room, where I and seated right now, typing away on my lap top.

When I went out earlier today, I say a Forked-tail Kite, up above the Light River, just a few kilometres from where I live. These birds are big, impressive looking birds that are open up in the air, looking for prey that is on the ground. They will dive suddenly downward when they spot something, then carry their prey away, held only with their claw, or beak. Exciting but deadly stuff!

So life around my place and beyond is an exciting but comfortable place, with plenty of feathered friends to enjoy!

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Snow Pea Update

I realise not everyone in the world will be interested in what I’m going to write about in this blog post, but if you read the headline and thought you’d like to know about what I have to say about Snow peas, and update, in fact, keep reading.

My husband is the one who does all of the heavy work in our garden, as well as just about everything else. I do some watering, if needed, when he isn’t there to do it, and of course, I keep an eye on what’s going on, because I let the dog, Missy, out for her outside times. When I let Missy out, I will often go out to, and I’ll look around at the garden.

It’s Spring in Australia now, just started, and we have lots and lots of lovely flowers around the place. I’ve just picked a few flowers and put them in a tiny little cut glass vase, two freesia blossoms and one geranium. It’s sitting on the windowpane in the kitchen and looks sweet.

The more important item in the garden at the moment though is the vegetable patch, where we have a fine crop of snow peas coming along.20190827_122837I love snow peas, and the couple I’ve had so far have been lovely and sweet, crunchy morsels of green goodness! The plants we have growing are fulling up the garden bed they’re planted in and reaching for the sky, helped with various sticks and strings for them to cling to, and climb up.

Anyway, I’ve done a bit of helping further, encouraging the curl their tendrils around the string in a couple of places, and also check out the growth of actual snow peas, size and numbers growing. My husband counted how many actual snow peas were growing today, and he said there were three, I think, or it may have been four. That was this morning.

After lunch today, I went out, with Missy, and looked at the snow peas myself. After taking a good look at the situation, I counted seven actual snow peas, with one of them getting close to being big enough to pick. There are increasing amounts of plants flowering, and so there will be increasing number of actual vegetables coming along after.

Snow peas are funny – the vegetable grows from the flower, and they can begin growing from where the flower was, with the petals of the flower at the far end of the actual pea pod. Well, I think it’s funny, anyway. In the photo above, you can see a little bit at the far end of the pea, that’s where the petals were attached, and fell off.

Anyway, that’s an update of our snow peas in our garden. I suspect once the season is over, I may not get so excited about them, but I certainly aim at enjoying eating snow peas regularly, I wrote somewhere recently that I thought snow peas may be my favourite vegetable, and I still think that might be true.

Another thing we have in our garden, is a few different herbs growing. We have chocolate mint, and thyme. The chocolate mint is in a pot, near our garlic plants, and the thyme is in a hanging pot, on the back patio, close to our back door. I could just be satisfied with looking at the plants, which are attractive enough, in their own ways, (the mint with its green leaves, and the thyme with its lovely little flowers growing just now).

But there is more to do with these plants than just look at them. I love having a cup of herbal tea, every now and then, as I did today, so while I was outside, I picked a bit of the thyme and the chocolate mint leaves, and brewed myself a cuppa. I was thinking about whether to put honey or sugar in my tea, and then had a brainwave. We have Cadbury chocolate powder in the kitchen, so I put about a third of a teaspoon of that in my tea, and oh my, it was delicious!

I’ve trying to cut my cups of coffee down, so knowing how good the herbal tea is, is going to make that easier for me, for sure! Speaking of coffee, I’ve only had one cup so far today, and I can have one more for sure. I’m trying to keep it down to two cups of coffee, or maybe three, if I’m going to be out late at night. So time for another cup of coffee for me. The tea was nice, but coffee has that added punch!

I’d love to know what you have growing in your garden, why not leave a message?!

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What’s Good in Our Garden?

Well, in Australia, where I live, it’s Spring, just started, and the garden sure knows it. We have lovely flowers all around, and our snow pea plants in the vegetable patch are flowering and growing lovely sweet snowpeas, yum!


We have almond trees with the lovely blossom in the process of dropping, with almonds coming along after, which I know I probably won’t get to eat, because we have no netting to save the nuts from the cockatoos. I don’t really mind this, I’m glad to be feeding these birds, but I do like eating almonds myself …

The clover is flowering and growing yuck prickles, in the lawns. I’ve been pulling it up in the backyard, so that will be relatively prickle free, but the other grassed areas are too big for me to attend to, pulling up by hand. I suspect we’ll just let it go again, and wear thongs to keep our feet safe, once the warm weather starts.

What else? Well today is a breezy day, warm and lovely, and the wind chimes on the back patio are tinkling away beautifully, compliments of that breeze. Rain has been forecast, and things are slowly getting darker outside as we are approaching early lunchtime (or should that be late brunch?).

Our garden got a nice bit of rain the day before yesterday, and more rain would be very useful to our garden, and of course everyone else’s gardens, and good for all of the crops growing around the northern Adelaide Plains area where I live.

The Light River, which is just to the north of where I live, isn’t flowing, which shows that Winter wasn’t all that rainy – usually, but this time of year, the Light River would have been flowing under the bridge to the town closest to where I live, it isn’t though. Dry days, overall …

And of course, Missy has been in and out of our yards, back and front. She gets a bit of off lead time at the end of her walk with my husband, Graham. he undoes the lead and she usually runs to the front door, to come back inside again. This morning though, she ran off toward the neighbours on the southern side of our place, where they have new sheep in their yard, apparently.

I was very worried when I saw her through the window, and quickly got up to see what was going on. I’m glad she came back when Graham and I both called for her, I’d hate it if she did anything wrong with those new sheep … Dogs and livestock, they should be kept safe, that is the human role. after all.

That’s it for now. I’ll report back another time, when I have more to say! If you have things happening with your garden and your dog, I’d love to hear about it, why not leave a comment!

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When Life Feels Just Right

Gardens, dogs, Nature, family and friends, and a purpose in life. That’s how feel I have all together in my life, all mixed together to make for a good, and happy world. My community is there for me, as I am there for it.

Having a purpose in live, and feeling you are doing your best to meet that purpose, this is surely a secret to living a good life. This blog post, that I posted today, talks about this, and I feel it explains some more about me.

Life is make up of many aspects of being, what we love, what we do, what makes life feel worthwhile, who and what we love. Gardens, Nature, family, friends, and of course, our dog Missy is one of my friends.

A good garden is a lot like life in general. If you get all of the necessary ingredients right, your garden can thrive. Enough water, sunshine, fertiliser, and care from the gardener, these all go together to make your garden grow, and grow well.




Why I Love Geraniums

Geraniums are tough. Geraniums are pretty. Geraniums can go without water, for a while, and still live. Geraniums can have different kinds of leaves. And lastly, geraniums have a huge range of differently coloured flowers. Oh, some geraniums have beautifully scented leaves.

So, having said all of that, I don’t feel I need to say too much more, but I will anyway, because, hey, this is a blog, and I like to put my writing ‘out there’, and of course, blogs are good for doing that. And I have some photographs of some, possibly all, of our geraniums that we have growing at our place.

Just for your information, we live around sixty kilometres north of Adelaide, where it can get quite hot at times, and is often very windy. Our geraniums manage well in these conditions, flowering nicely. Most of our geraniums came from cuttings I have made, using material from those I’ve found at various places. I remove a stem with some leaves on it, put it in some soil, and keep it moist, and let Nature do its magic.

cropped-imag0284-1.jpgIMAG0283 (1)IMAG0285 (1)pelargonium

These are a few of our different geraniums, there are around three or four more different ones.Or that might be five or six. I really should count them, I suppose. It’s too dark to do it now!


Finally, My Rosella Poem

I’ve finally finished writing my rosella poem I mentioned in my last post. It isn’t a poem of great poetic note, I don’t think, but it’s a little bit of my thoughts about the birds I see around the place, and those feline creatures that kill and eat them.

I am not a cat hater, but I definitely prefer the various birds that live all around my place. I am definitely a dog lover too, and it saddens me that our dog Missy will catch and eat birds too, if she can. That’s why I’m glad Missy likes lounging around on the sofa for a large part of the day, and all of the night, safely shut inside.

Anyway, here is that poem, have a read, and leave a comment, I love to have feedback on my poetry!


What Mother Nature has Shown Us

Four rosellas, strolling free,

wandering around in the shade,

as casual and easy as they could be,

and as free as Nature made.


So what’s a rosella, you might ask

well I’ll tell you what, it’s a bird

and seeing and noting them is my task

every one, as they’ve occurred.


For I am a birdwatcher, that’s a job,

I gave myself, and happily do.

Whether it’s a single bird, or a mob

I think they’re beautiful, don’t you?


And I tell you this, my good fella,

birds a very attractive visitor –

with not many better than an Adelaide rosella –

a favourite of mine, that’s for sure!


I have a list, of the birds I’ve seen

as they come visiting where I live,

I write down each, when they’ve been –

a new bird, hooray, what thanks I give!


But today I’ve seen something not so good

A grey cat skulking about on the lawn –

it’s not my cat, and I think it should

go away, for my thoughts are torn –


I wouldn’t want to hurt a creature

and this is cat is somebody’s pet,

it’s bright red collar is quite a feature,

as red a red as you could get.


This cat’s been around for many weeks

but these rosellas are much more rare

and I want these critters with their beaks,

but cats? Bah, I couldn’t care!


Nature gives me these wild critters

birds fly in and then off they go,

but that cat here gives me the jitters,

what if a bird is a little too slow?


Catching birds is something that cats

like to do, but they get fed by owners.

Birds forage for their food, and that’s

what Mother Nature has shown us.


In my ideal world there are no cats,

or if there are, they stay inside,

so birds are safe from felines, that’s

safest for birds, & they won’t have to hide!