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Winter, Wearying of the Cold …

In winter, I slow down, and hide inside, to keep the cold at bay. Some of the plants the garden slow down too, and hide their delicate bits away from the frost, if they can.

The birds are still out there, because of course these small creatures have to fossick around looking for food. I love to watch the sparrows and willie wagtails as they poke around on our pack patio, looking for little bits and pieces to eat.

And of course there are the bigger birds that are out there, coooing, squawking, and cawing, as well as other bird sounds. If I go outside, I am guaranteed to see lots of different birds, see or hear, I should say.

And of course there are magpies I will see along the road, if I drive anywhere, and crested pigeons as well as spotted turtle doves. And in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, if I go outside, into the backyard, I will hear our neighbours chickens, proudly telling all around they have laid an egg. Is that right, is that what they suddenly start going on about?

I’ve never had chickens of my own, and I was frightened of chickens as a child. My paternal grandmother had them, and when we stayed with her during school holidays, we had to go to the chicken coop and collect the eggs. It terrified me. I’m glad I had both my big brother, and my little brother there too. They weren’t as frightened of the chickens as I was.

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If you know anything about chickens and their habits, I’d love to hear some of your wisdom about them. I like the idea of having chickens, and having fresh eggs, with chickens that can roam around a bit, but I definitely wouldn’t want to actually go near the chickens.

My husband is too busy doing other things too, and it wouldn’t be fair to make him do that work, that’s for sure. Also, I suspect our dog would probably try to kill the chickens, she loves to hunt things.


Well she loves to do that, unless she’s having a snooze on the sofa, which she does most of the time, when she’s inside. Unless she’s in the kitchen, hoping to get some more food, which she’s doing at the moment. She loves to be in the kitchen when Graham is in there, cooking, like he is right now …

She gazing intently at something, and now she’s stepped closer to the stove, I think. Ever hopeful she is, looking up at him now, wagging her tail in anticipation. It’s always interesting watching the various critters around the place …

Do you have any creatures around where you live? I’d love to hear about them why not leave a comment here and tell me. I live in rural South Australia, other people in other places can have quite different creatures in their lives!


Sunshine in the Morning

In Winter, sometimes the day can start out being dark and not get much lighter during the day, because the sky is too cloudy to let the sunshine in. Other days, the shu can rise in a sky that gets bluer and bluer, all the way through to sunset, and a clear star-filled sky.

Other days can be like today. We had a nice sunrise (I assume, I slept through it), then we had a lovely blue, right up until the clouds came along and things got darker. Often dark and cloudy skies at least have the benefit of bringing rain to help to freshen up the garden. Not today though, not here anyway.

We haven’t been getting that much rain really, considering the season it is. One tends to thing that winter is when there is lots of rain, rain, and thunderstorms. But as at now, the rainfall for Winter seems to be lower than for other years … Of course, we have hoses and water available at the turn of a tap, so our plants will still be OK. A bit of rain in winter is still appreciated though, for sure.

But these sunny times in Winter are appreciated to, by many. I’m not a farmer, and I imagine the farmers in my part of South Australia would like to see some more rain. The crops are coming up, so there paddocks are showing green, but if more rains, and heavier rains don’t follow up on the rains we’ve already had, I suspect the crops would suffer. I hope Nature brings that needed rain.

We hope so too, we have our own ‘crops’ as I’ve written about before. The mandarin tree, the two vegetable plots, and our saltbush plants, the all need water, the saltbush plant not needing as much though. Saltbush plants are saviours in some areas, when and if the rain doesn’t come. They manage to grow well enough, on little or no rain, offering food to herbivores, when there is little else available.

And the saltbush doesn’t seem to mind the sun, it doesn’t seem to suffer at all, even in summer, when most of the other plants can show signs of distress. Having some plants like that is a good thing, for a garden. Succulents are like that too, they can keep on going through harsh times. So too can geraniums, and they have the added bonus of flowers of various colours.

All in all, our garden this Winter has had a good range of sunshine and rain, and I’m looking forward to what Spring might bring. I love following along with how things are going at our place, and also how the birds around us are going. Of course, they are dependant on Nature for rain, although we help them out a little, with three bird baths, and also have the swimming pool, that some birds drink from, mostly sparrows and swallows.

Interesting things, birds, and flowers and trees. And of course, the sky blue, or clouded, or star filled. Lovely, all of it!


My Front Yard View

Today I’m in my best seat in the house, on the sofa, near the window, with curtains drawn and the sun shining. I can see part of the front lawn, a weird shrub thing that has been there forever, but I still don’t know what it actually is. I can also see some of the pots we have with plants in them, along the front of part of our front veranda.

I can see the road near our driveway, and so far the only thing I can see moving are the plants. There are clouds up above, in the blue sky, but I can’t really tell from here whether or not they’re moving, but I assume with the strongish wind we have at the momeny, they definitely are moving.

The only living things I can see outside are plants. I haven’t spotted any birds at all, in the bush, flying around, or on the ground. Maybe all of the birds are somewhere warmer … It’s quite a cool day, after all, winter really is well on the way, so we should prepare ourselves for the cooler, and then cold weather, in the southern hemisphere. For those in the northern hemisphere, summer is approaching and you’d better prepare yourself for the heat.

Ah, I just saw a car drive past, so I’m obviously not the only living creature around. My dog Missy is inside with me, in her own favoured position, on her own sofa, curled up and cosy.¬†IMAG0306Missy looks most comfortable there, and I’m comfy too. I have to go out later today though, and looking out at the sky again, I can see I’d better put a warm jacket on. The sunshine and blue sky have disappeared, and obviously those clouds sure were moving. There still haven’t been many cars though, and I like that, living on a quiet country road, where not much happens …

I still haven’t seen a single bird, but here comes a bit more sunshine, and I hope I’m soon going to be inspired enough to actually get up and get myself some lunch. My tummy is hinting that it would be a good idea, and I know I have plenty of health giving walnuts available to mix with some other things and turn into a good lunch. Did you know walnuts were the healthiest nut? The BBC said so, and I’m certainly prepared to believe them! BBC means believability to me.

So I thnk that’s it for me, time to get up off the sofa and get my lunch and another cup of coffee, yum.

Do you ever just sit comfortably inside and look at what’s happening outside? What do YOU see? (I still haven’t spotted any birds at all out there)


Haiku in the Backyard

I put this post heading up some months ago,and I can’t remember what I had intended writing haiku about, or even if there was anything in particular I’d been thinking about. But in there backyard, there are so many different things that I could turn into haiku moments.

There are plants with flowers or with fruit, or just with leaves of many different shades of green. There are many different kinds of birds and insects, all doing their own bird or insect things. There are the occasional aircraft passing by overhead, compliments of the Australian Air Force, and there are the clouds also passing by overhead, compliments of Nature. I say thank you for all of these things, and I hope to write some haiku or possibly senryu about whatever I think will work as haiku prompts …

Haiku is a particular form of poetry, created in Japan, and adopted happily by us Westerners. It’s a short form of poetry, usually three lines, and with fewer than 17 syllables. The first and last lines are the shortest ones, with the middle line longer. In the past and sometimes still now, the syllable counts are 5 – 7 -5. This is based on Japanese characters though, and not on English language syllables, and the two languages are quite different. The important thing to remember is that a haiku should¬† be a short poem, talking about a particular moment, and aiming at creating an aha! moment in the reader or listener’s mind.

There is a lot more information about this intriguing poetic form available on the internet, this is a good link to examine, or this one. Anyway, I feel the more you look into haiku, the more you will understand what it is, and how you may be able to write your own, or to write better haiku, if you already write it. It also helps you to understand what the haiku poet is trying to do. I hope all of this may assist with the writing of new haiku for me, and the understanding of of my haiku for my readers. So here goes:

Autumn clouds –

Orion plane flies behind

in front and through




Breezeless day –

only birds and cast off leaves





Blue sky in west –

seeing the future

of dry washing




OK, so there are a few new haiku, I’d love to know what you think about this poetic form, and how you feel about these new haiku of mine. Please leave a comment, and let me know!


Summer Start Cool & Rainy

This year, Summer has started in a way our garden certainly seems to be appreciating. We’ve had a bit of rain, keeping the front and back lawns as well as most of our potted plants and trees watered naturally, and topping up the bird baths too. It’s also creating yet another mini lake on our front driveway. Perfect for nature, great for us!


For the final week of Spring, we had horrible hot and humid weather with a small amount of rain, but I certainly saw a few birds perched on various fences who looked like they wanted more rain. On the last day of Spring, I saw something in our pool, which turned out to be a lizard, floating on/in the pool. I carefully got closer to see if it was alive. It was, Yay.

I got the skimmer box lid, and used it to make the lizard float closer, then scooped up the lizard, and put in down next to the pool. It wasn’t happy at me and showed me its blue tongue in a kind of a snarl. I put down the skimmer box lid and got pool something or other with a long handle and carefully ‘encouraged’ the lizard to move further away from the pool.

Fortunately, it moved away as I wanted it too, and it has stayed away! Lizards, especially Blue Tongue Lizards are relatively common around where we live. We’ve had a few that fell victim to our dogs over the years. I’m glad this one was in the pool area, not the backyard. The dog doesn’t go in the pool area, so lizards are safe, if not really wanted. Snakes have been in our pool too, over the years. I certainly don’t work to save their lives though. The snakes we get here are poisonous ones, and in fact our dog was bitten by a Brown Snake a few years ago, and could have died if we hadn’t whizzed her off to the vet for treatment.

There’s a story that says if you have lizards you won’t have snakes, but I don’t know whether or not that’s true. I just make sure I keep an eye out for reptiles and deal with them as appropriate, keeping Missy the dog well away from any reptile action. I don’t ever want her to be bitten like that again. We love Missy, and we certainly don’t want to pay that much money again. Saving a dog bitten by a poisonous snake is expensive! It doesn’t always work either. We have excellent vets at the clinic we use.

blue flowers

My husband and son are due to play their weekly summer sport today, Lawn Bowls. My husband and I are watching the bit of rain we’re having at the moment, and hoping it doesn’t stop the game from starting, or ending it before the game is over. If the bowling club rinks get too wet, the game will be cancelled. And if they get a little bit wet, it tends to slow the bowls down as they journey to the other end of the rinks, when one of the bowlers have their turn. Fun times, hoping for the best for husband and son with their games today, and I know I will be there later on in the afternoon, unless the rain cancels play.

It will be interesting to see how this goes with the rest of Summer, a bit rainy instead of stinking hot is great for the garden and great for me too! My husband and son both like swimming though, so they both like the hotter weather. I’m happy to keep cool by staying inside, where the air conditioner does its work very well, or even sometimes a little too well for me. I like to be a little bit warm, but my husband likes to be a little bit cool … I can always put on another layer of clothes though, so I’m content to go with the temperature he likes the best …

The dog, Missy, likes to be inside on her sofa most of the time, and doesn’t seem to mind what the temperature is inside … A clever dog, this one! Do you have your own weather preferences? I’d love to hear about it if you do, feel free to leave a comment here!




Keeping Things Cool

When the weather heats up, it’s time to cool things down, whether in the garden or inside, coolness is a treasured thing … We’re fortunate to have good air conditioning inside our main room, and have the funds to easily pay for the power it uses. And outside in the backyard with have a green lawn, and shade on it for at least half of everyday, if we go outside.

I tried on and wore a dress I’d forgotten I had today, and that was certainly cool, no sleeves, and a comfortable fit for me, where I suspect it had been quite a bit tighter when I first got the dress. I’m not really a ‘dress’ kind of person, but who knows, maybe I could become one. Before I can wear the dress out, and away from home, I need to deal with the forests that are my legs though, a bit too hairy for comfort!

I wonder about that ‘too hairy’ thing though. Why can men show off hairy legs, but women usually opt for the tedium of hair removal when it crops up where ‘ladies’ shouldn’t be hairy? I have a spot on my chin that persistently wants to grow, and I tend to the wayward hairs a few times a week. My arms have hair on them, but not an excessive amount of hair, I don’t think, so I leave them well alone, and have never had comments about too much hair there.

My legs though, they need to have hair removed, or covered up. Most of the time, I wear pants when I go out, and so can leave my legs unshaven … Dresses though, in the hot summer we seem to be heading to, they will mean I have to deal with the hair, lest a spider feel I’ve stolen their legs … I’ve been told in the past hairy legs look like spiders legs, but can’t remember who said it.

along came a spider

Anyway, hairy legs are not a good look, unless one is intent of making a point about freedom, and who knows what else. I’ll keep the undergrowth clipped short, so as not to frighten anyone, or wear pants instead of dresses for the same reason.

Shaving is my main method of ridding my legs of hair, but I’m open to other methods, if I can be convinced of a better way. If you have your own hair removal method, please comment here, and give your ideas on the whole subject, I’m quite interested in thoughts on this one!