New Book

What’s that? A Possible New Book?

The Buster the Dog series of books has three books in it so far … The first book “Dig it! Gardening Tips for Dogs” came out in 2007, then some time later came “Doggone It – Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. After that, more rapidly, came possibly my favourite book in the series so far, “Dog Buddha’s Thoughts”.

dig it

doggone it

dog buddha front cover


I had thought I was at the end of this series of books. Buster the Dog and I have had a fun time writing them together, and I’m pretty sure our illustrator Ally (Allyson Hean). enjoyed doing her wonderful illustrations that added much to the words Buster and I wrote. So, it was great while it lasted, and I still sell the occasional copy of these three books, but now, even as I am looking to order another print run of the first book, a new possible book title has popped into my head … Maybe this series has another book to come?

This book title offers much in terms of research for me, and interest (I hope!) to possible readers. It will be a matter of covering some old ground from the first three books, and the expanding much, about one particular subject common to all of these first books. I suspect that as well as looking back at those earlier books, I am also going to have to do some research, to get as broad an idea as possible for this new book. So, Buster and I will have to become researchers as well as authors, looking into the background concerning things we’ve covered in more basic and obvious ways. We’re going to have to become smarter in the way we present our ideas. Well maybe.

We probably won’t have to do that correct referencing thing that uni students have to do, because, hey, we’re only here to have some fun, and give other people a bit of fun too. Buster the Dog is itching (metaphorically only – no fleas on him) to get into this subject. He has always had thoughts on this particular one, and yes, I’ve had some thoughts about it too. So what is this important subject? Can you guess? If you’ve read the first three books you might be able to guess, because it’s clear from the words written that Buster is interested in it.

So what is it? Well, it’s CATS! of course. Buster is extremely interested in CATS! This new book though, it won’t be about how much Buster would love to chase and catch cats, it will be a learned discussion on cats, dogs, and their interactions with humans. The third book looks at this theme the most of all three books, and this fourth (possible) book will be all about that relationship, in the present dog, into the future, and in the past. I know that some of the things that will have to be written, may make Buster the Dog growl, and get a bit cranky, but the truth is the truth, and it will have to come out in this book.

Because in the past of course, cats were considered to be divine creatures particularly by the Egyptians way back in time. Buster doesn’t like thinking about this idea at all, but it’s been written about a lot, and can’t be ignored. In this new book that Buster the Dog and I may write we will be thinking and writing about this subject, how it all came about, how it was thought on, and what the future may hold. So this new book will have a title that poses a question, and will be full of discussion on this question, with perhaps the ultimate truth on the subject.

There is only a book title so far, with a couple of thoughts of mine, and some whining and growling in equal measure from Buster the Dog. I’m not sure when the text of the book will be written, or whether it will ever be written at all, but in the meantime, I have this book title swimming through the swamp I call my sub conscious mind and we can only wait and see what Buster the Dog and I will make of this title:

“Divine or Disaster?”

I welcome ideas and thoughts about this, leave a comment and who know what may happen?!


Philosophical Meanderings of My Mind

This post Christmas/New Year season has become a sit around and do not much time. Today is Sunday, and I’m usually in Gawler in the late morning on Sundays, doing a poetry workshop with another person, or other people, but that isn’t happening today, so the first session for 2018 is more likely to happen next Sunday instead. I hadn’t planned that, but in not planning it, I was probably subconsciously planning it not to happen. I don’t/can’t know for sure, and it doesn’t matter, really, I don’t think.Β  I’ve had some outside time, and am now inside again, at home, and happy with that, even though it’s just a small thingmissy slightly bemused.
Staying home today, the only poetry written, if any, will be done here, with the cricket on TV and radio as the background for the day …Β And trips outside of course, as requested by Missy. Missy is currently lying on her sofa, looking extremely comfortable, eyes closed, ears erect, but not active … I just slapped the sofa next to me, and her eyes opened, eats turned to me, then away, and she rolled over and now has her back to me and my silliness. She’s not huffy at me, just not that interested in what I’m doing. That’s fine, we have our own lives, to some extent, the humans and the dog, and we’re enjoying our lives, together or separate.
Out of the window on my left I can see clouds, grass, plants and birds, all doing their own natural thing, obeying the rules of Nature, which make more sense to me than some of the rules of the cricket … With Nature, there is no appeal to a higher authority, because if Nature says it is so, then it is. If something other that humans were expecting, it means Nature wasn’t using the rule we thought was being used. Science may find the answer, people may think they have the answer. Much may be written, thought on, argued over, but Nature will just continue on, and we must manage as best we can, with whatever Nature and mankind do next …
There were sparrows outside, on the front lawn, about ten minutes ago, when I started writing this post. I can’t see any now, but I’m sure there are certainly lots of sparrows out there, back yard, front yard, in the trees and bushes and just everywhere. Sparrows are very successful occupants of our world. They have their needs, and seem to be able to fulful those needs well. The sparrows I saw earlier seemed to be adolescents, not quite up to adult size, and I’ve been noticing such not quite adult sparrows, and thinking about what they get up to, boy and girl sparrows, getting on with their lives, boy groups, girl groups, boys sparrows seemingly crashing into the girls groups, while girl sparrows flitter away, only to be followed and annoyed by the boy sparrow.
I’m quite likely putting my own interpretation on these actions of the sparrows, and could well be getting it entirely wrong. I’ve written a haiku about these matters previously, and it’s in my poetry collection “Tense and Still”, where I wrote about various creatures I see in my life, whether our dogs, cats I’ve seen, known, imagined, or those wild creatures I come across in my life or my travels or in my imaginings.
Thinking about these things whether I uncover the truth or not, helps me to gather ideas, things to think about can lead to things to write about, and writing about things is the thing I do. I am a writer, a poet, a blogger. Words are my tools, and I love to use these tools in the many different ways possible to use them. Poetry is my favourite method, certainly preferred over writing a novel, because of course a poem can be thought on, written, edited and published very quickly. A novel takes so much longer to complete. I have one of those ‘in progress’ at the moment, but I have a strong suspicion this novel will make only very slow progress, because I’m allowing myself to do many things other than the writing of this novel …
above the fish pond
I know being a novelist isn’t really a title I feel fits with me, the way being a poet does. The longer form of literature feels too unwieldy perhaps for me to handle. I know how to put together and publish a poetry collection, and how to market it. A small book of poetry can be printed in small numbers, and sold in small numbers, and small numbers of people get a little book of my poems to read and think about. It will never make me rich or particularly famous, but that’s fine. Money and fame are not what I write for, I write for my own amusement, and the small amounts of money/fame I gain while nice to have, will never be the major thing.

NaPoWriMo Day 28

The month of a poem a day is almost over, just today, tomorrow and the day after left. I don’t think my days after this month will be Β poetry free, and I don’t believe all of my poems written for April have been wonderful. They didn’t have to be wonderful, they just had to be written.Β 

I was at the Gawler Poets at the Pub poetry reading this afternoon, and actully wrote two new poems. One was written in response to the usual 5 word Poetry Challenge run at every one of the monthly poetry readings. The words are random ones, given by people there, one word each. Then everyone has about ten minutes to write a poem using all of the words.

Then all who are happy to do so, read the poem they wrote, and Β the winner is chosen based on whichever poem gets the best response from all there. The winner receives a bottle of wine, donated by Adrian Armstrong, the publican there.

The poets who come along regularly to this event have come to love this challenge, and there have been some totally wonderful poems written. I often am busy doing other things and don’t get the chance to write a poem and read it out, but this time, I had time, and I’d like to share my poem here.

I wanted to write a poem with a ‘poetic feel’, because I am aware that too often, my poetry is decidedly unpoetic. The poem I wrote today has a metaphor I happy with, and that is enough for now. The chosen words were windows, hysteria, tampering, suspect and April.

This is the poem I wrote:


I suspect their motives

their hysteria –

politicians tampering

with our windows of opportunity.

April glitters with guilt


The other poem I wrote today is about our next door neighbours’ cat, and I think I’ll hang onto that poem for later. I might put a dog and cat collection together at some stage, and I’ll keep the poem for that. Or I may find something that this poem suits, and the poem will be unpublished, unlike all of the poems I’ve posted to this blog.

cats, dogs, pets

Back to WordPress

I’ve been playing with blogger and orble, now it’s time to give WordPress a proper go. I’m hoping to get organised really soon, and put lots of interesting dog related stuff on this blog.

Dogs and puppies are interesting to so many people, I’m bound to find someone who is interested in something I put on this blog. I’ll start with a ‘funny little story about the dog/cat interaction my oldest dog had today at the vet clinic.

Rangler (Aust Ch Holkschter Rangler Jane) had a vet appointment today, so we could get some more tablets for her epilespy. Rangler is thirteen and has only had epilepsy for a couple of months. She is doing well with the tablets, and is getting on fairly well for an old girl.

We arrived at the vet’s and weighed Rangler, then we sat down and waited. Rangler was shaking because she was nervous. Her hearing and eyesight aren’t as good as they used to be, and she hasn’t been to the vet very often. Rangler was interested, but, as I said, nervous.

Then, as casual as you like, over strolled the cat that lives at the clinic. The cat strolled over to Rangler, waved its tail in her face then walked around Rangler several times before strolling off again. Instant attention from Rangler, the nervous shakes all gone, and I could almost see Rangler smile and the cat smirk. It was beautiful.

Rangler’s wait was much happier and the vet was happy with her when he finally got to check her out. I’m pleased to say the vet is very happy with her heart, and he is sure Rangler will go on for many years longer.