Clouds have Stolen the Sky

This morning when I looked up at the sky, it was there, beautiful blue shining down on me, with a few clouds scattered here and there. Now, I look out of the window, and there’s not beautiful blue sky there at all, as far as I can see. It is cloudy grey and maybe rainy.

I wonder if people are or in the past were sometimes worried, when that huge blue sky disappeared, or were they comforted by the story tellers, who could tell them stories of times when the sky disappeared, but then rain came, bringing fruitfulness to the earth … Blessed be the storytellers for they will reveal the truth …

I feel that, as story tellers, I and my other literary types, could hire ourselves out, so we can spread the real truth, with no falsity, which other media may sell to their audience. When newspapers and others making money from their false words, sell their lies for others happy to pretend their lies are truth, where does that leave ordinary people? Those ‘others’ include businesses, politicians, government departments.

Us ordinary people have to fine the truth, if we are to live honest lives, honest and healthful lives, with nothing hidden away, but the good things presented to us in ways we can believe. But how to tell the difference between the many and varied stories we are told?

A good clue is to look at who is going to make the most money from the words being told. Big Business aims at Big Profit, small business is hoping for money too, but in smaller amounts. And most of the time, small businesses are going to be selling us goods that we want, and if we don’t want them, we simply don’t buy them.

It should be as simple as that. Thinking about dogs and gardens, as I should be doing, on this blog – the sky releases water from the clouds, the plants and ground soak up the rain, and things grow. The sky doesn’t make us pay for the rain, it is given free of charge. If were to stop caring for the planet though, which sadly many of us are, the gifts from the planet might become unwanted ones. Earthquake, floods, hot spells, cold spells, rising waters. This is the price we are actually paying.

Our dog doesn’t worry about such things, as far as I can tell. Missy is content to go outside, sniff around, toilet herself, sometimes race around like a silly thing, sometimes catching and eating things, even though we feed her too. Missy has a simple life, one without Big Business, or Big Issues. I think.

I have written a few books from the pint of view of a dog, based on thinking I have done on my life with many dogs, and the ways they may think about things in their lives and in mine. These are all humorous books, well I hope others think so. But they can be looked at more seriously too though.

The first one “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs” is about gardening from a dogs point of view. The second one is “Doggone It – Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View” is self explanatory, and the third one is “Dog Buddha’s Thoughts” and is all about that religious as it may be, if dogs were believers in such a Canine Canon. In talking about these books here, I may earn more book sales, who knows, but I would be providing a service that the buyers wanted.


strange summer

To anyone who doesn’t believe the current climate is unusual, I think you should think about it and reconsider. It’s halfway through the first month of summer, and the current temperature near my home in the Mallala district is about 20 degrees celsius, at just after 11am.Β We had 19mm of rain overnight, and rain is forecast for several days to come.

There have been flooding rains recently in various states of Australia, sometimes bigger floods than ever before. Overseas there have been recent devastating floods, with many hundreds of people missing or drowned. All of this has occurred in one year, 2011.

There have been good things happening too though, thanks to the weather. The crops in the Mallala district have done well, with rain happening as and when needed. This has been great, following on from periods of little rain in the previous years. Nature changes, and we all have to learn to change with it.

Following the changes, and understanding what is happening is vital. Climate change it here, it’s happening faster than ever before, and we must accept that and take action to help stop it or at least slow it down. Climate change deniers may become the most hated people in future years, when flooding kills thousands of people and causes many more thousands of people lose their homes due to rising sea levels.

I’m no scientist, but I’m a thinking person who reads of these things and worries nothing will be done soon enough to save lives. It’s time we all became advocates for our planet. Nature is doing its best, but we must step up and help!