Duty Done Outside

Today I had two tasks to do, because my partner who usually does them has something else he wanted to do.


So I watered the potted plants in the backyard (task one) and then I watered the canna lilies we have planted further down the back (task two), and I watered the mandarin tree (which failed in terms of fruiting this season) (task three – which was my decision, not a given task). I watered the mandarin because I want it to stay healthy, because I loved growing our own, when it grew its fruit in its first growing season.

Then I came back inside, for a definitely well-earned rest. So here I am writing about and thinking about gardens, and dogs, which of course is appropriate to do, on a blog with the title of Gardendog’s Blog.

Our dog Missy came outside with me, happily, not actually following me, just being present with me, more or less. She did her usual sniffing in her usual places, trotting along her usual routes, eating a little bit of grass, sniffing some more things, just checking out what was going on, in her yard.

Because, the backyard is an important part of where Missy lives. She loves sleeping on her sofa, sure, but she has her own duties, involving keeping us all safe from intruders, and searching out any other possible problems that may ‘crop up’. I don’t know what those problems might be, but Missy probably does. People and dogs know different things, do different things, care about different things …

So I’m back inside, and thinking about how the dog/human connections are so beneficial, how much I love having this mostly lovely but sometimes annoying hound in my life. She is a beautiful creature, she is affectionate, and does some funny things. It feels good to be caring for another, the way we care for Missy. She is grateful for all we do for her, we are grateful for all she does for us. Perfect.

Living with dogs can certainly be a good thing, I’ve lived with dogs for many years, I can barely remember how long ago it was, that we had a ‘dog free’ home. It was before I was married, I know that, so at least thirty-three years ago. I feel sorry for people without a pet in their life, although, I’m not sure that having a pet other than a dog, or dogs, but I certainly realise that we are all different, and like different things.

me and the boys

And of course, living with dogs has given me much to write about – the photo is one taken back many years, when I had put out my first book in the ‘Buster the Dog’ series, “Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs”. That’s me in the photo, with two of our first litter of Pharaoh Hounds bred. I’ve written and printed my third book in that series, and looking to get stuck into writing the fourth book in the series, where Buster the Dog must learn to live in a new home, with another person, and with that other person’s cat!

Oh dear, I hope Buster the Dog, and McTavish the Cat work these things out well, and in an interesting way! Cats and dogs can live together well, but certainly I would never consider bringing a cat into Missy’s territory, because she’s certainly shown us she definitely Does Not Like Cats!

If you have both dogs and cats in your life, I’d love to hear about how they get on!


New Book

What’s that? A Possible New Book?

The Buster the Dog series of books has three books in it so far … The first book “Dig it! Gardening Tips for Dogs” came out in 2007, then some time later came “Doggone It – Mindfulness from a Dog’s Point of View”. After that, more rapidly, came possibly my favourite book in the series so far, “Dog Buddha’s Thoughts”.

dig it

doggone it

dog buddha front cover


I had thought I was at the end of this series of books. Buster the Dog and I have had a fun time writing them together, and I’m pretty sure our illustrator Ally (Allyson Hean). enjoyed doing her wonderful illustrations that added much to the words Buster and I wrote. So, it was great while it lasted, and I still sell the occasional copy of these three books, but now, even as I am looking to order another print run of the first book, a new possible book title has popped into my head … Maybe this series has another book to come?

This book title offers much in terms of research for me, and interest (I hope!) to possible readers. It will be a matter of covering some old ground from the first three books, and the expanding much, about one particular subject common to all of these first books. I suspect that as well as looking back at those earlier books, I am also going to have to do some research, to get as broad an idea as possible for this new book. So, Buster and I will have to become researchers as well as authors, looking into the background concerning things we’ve covered in more basic and obvious ways. We’re going to have to become smarter in the way we present our ideas. Well maybe.

We probably won’t have to do that correct referencing thing that uni students have to do, because, hey, we’re only here to have some fun, and give other people a bit of fun too. Buster the Dog is itching (metaphorically only – no fleas on him) to get into this subject. He has always had thoughts on this particular one, and yes, I’ve had some thoughts about it too. So what is this important subject? Can you guess? If you’ve read the first three books you might be able to guess, because it’s clear from the words written that Buster is interested in it.

So what is it? Well, it’s CATS! of course. Buster is extremely interested in CATS! This new book though, it won’t be about how much Buster would love to chase and catch cats, it will be a learned discussion on cats, dogs, and their interactions with humans. The third book looks at this theme the most of all three books, and this fourth (possible) book will be all about that relationship, in the present dog, into the future, and in the past. I know that some of the things that will have to be written, may make Buster the Dog growl, and get a bit cranky, but the truth is the truth, and it will have to come out in this book.

Because in the past of course, cats were considered to be divine creatures particularly by the Egyptians way back in time. Buster doesn’t like thinking about this idea at all, but it’s been written about a lot, and can’t be ignored. In this new book that Buster the Dog and I may write we will be thinking and writing about this subject, how it all came about, how it was thought on, and what the future may hold. So this new book will have a title that poses a question, and will be full of discussion on this question, with perhaps the ultimate truth on the subject.

There is only a book title so far, with a couple of thoughts of mine, and some whining and growling in equal measure from Buster the Dog. I’m not sure when the text of the book will be written, or whether it will ever be written at all, but in the meantime, I have this book title swimming through the swamp I call my sub conscious mind and we can only wait and see what Buster the Dog and I will make of this title:

“Divine or Disaster?”

I welcome ideas and thoughts about this, leave a comment and who know what may happen?!


About Kittens

I visited an interesting website today, one which can help writers to write. It does a word count of text you write, and gives you a reward for every 100 words you write. I thought I’d give it a go, and produced the following.Β 

As a side note, I truly and honestly don’t actually hate cats, no matter what they say about me. I love all of Nature, I just prefer dogs over cats. Are cats natural though? Hmm …


“One day the world will recover from this destructively evil kitten obsession. Kittens, though cute, will eventually grow into cats.

Do you like cats? Are you sure you really like them? Or are you one of the legion of poor fools who have been duped into thinking these beasts of Satan are worthwhile creatures to let into your homes and lives? Β Kittens have been cleverly designed to work their way into hearts and minds, and of course into the expanse of the World Wide Web, where lol cats are there almost wherever you chance to look. This is not cute, this is evil!”