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What a Day Yesterday was!

I had a fun time yesterday, but I’m glad I’d planned it so well, it could have gone sideways fast! Yesterday I knew the main thing I had to do for the day, the number one must do item. This ‘thing’ was to attend a forum, for which there was a quite handy payment, simply for taking part.

I’m not an idiot, if somebody wants to give me money simply for giving my opinion, I’m not going to say no! The venue is not close to where I live, but it’s in a place I feel connected to, to some extent. Another venue I was thinking of visiting soon, was on the way, sort of, so I thought if I go to that venue but didn’t stay too long, then it would make the long drive more worth it.

So that’s what I did, I drove to Nuriootpa to visit someone I went to school with, to buy some plants that sounded great, and were at a great price, and after that, I drove on to Clare for the forum. The plants were at the Mitre 10 store, where my former schoolmate works, and we had a lovely chat and have decided to catch up again properly, soon! (Thanks Debbie!) Combining these two events in the one trip made much more sense, with the number of kilometers driven.

I now have four more ‘pigs face’ plants, and these new plants are all in different colours to the one we already have at home. The idea of being able to get these in colours different to the one we already have was the thing that made it seem worthwhile, and only $2.50 per pot, a bargain! They will look lovely once they really get growing, and are planted up in hanging baskets on our back patio … So Debbie and I chatted, and when it was time to, I put the plants in my car and headed off to Clare.

Then the forum. There were seven other attendees, plus two people organising things, and we all worked to getting some new ideas thought about, and with different ideas about how it could go. The eight of us were split into two groups, and even though we weren’t all that well known to each other, it all went along very well indeed. It will be interesting to see whether next year, any of the things we did come into fruition.

So we worked, thought, perhaps ate a choc chip cookie or two, and then the time was up. It was getting dark by that time, and I was reminded of two things, that I’d got myself lost in the Barossa region previously, and that I really am not keen on driving in unfamiliar places at night, especially when it was raining. Last night the rain had well and truly arrived.

Anyway, I kept on driving, with the GPS in my mobile phone keeping me on track, but gee was I glad to get home. My husband was still up, even though it was getting quite late, but we were both happy to head off to bed, soon after I arrived home, after watching some of the show on the TV.

I forgot about the plants in my car until after lunch today, and I’m glad it was quite a mild day, and that I finally did remember them, and take them around to the back yard, where most of our pot plants are. One of the new plants isn’t flowering yet, but one of the people from Mitre 10 yesterday, showed me what they look like, quite a gentle pink, which will go nicely indeed!

So talking, thinking, ideas, a friend from the past (and possibly into the future too), plus new plants, payment for a job well done, and new plants, what a good day that was, made even better than it may have been, with some planning. I am currently thinking about the philosophy of the Stoics, who value planning, thinking on their day’s things to come, and then thinking on the day that has been.

So consider this blog post a part of my philosophical musings …

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Winter Feels Like Spring

Outside the plants are growing green and flowers in a variety of colours are brightening our times outside. We still have strawberries popping up in hanging baskets on our back veranda, and life is certainly sweet! Nights and early mornings are cold though, and our air conditioner on ‘heat’ is most welcome to take the edge off the cold inside.

My poetry output is coming along, with another few poems written in the past week, and one of those poems in particular seems worth sharing further, somewhere, sometime. I’m not good at this ‘getting my work out there’ stage of the poetry writing thing. But for my next collection, perhaps, next year? Who knows …

Will the real Spring nudge me into action on that front? I can but hope. As I said, I’m not good at this. I have some poems that would be suitable for children, and I know an excellent publisher for such works, but I’ve still done nothing about getting those poems to that publisher. If my head wasn’t firmly attached to me body, would it say on?

Ah, self-recrimination, how could I live without you? I’d live quite well actually, I suspect. But there’s always the next thing, the new, thing, the best thing, and so old tried and tested things are ignored, opportunities missed. But as I sometimes write on my Facebook page, Life is Good. The birds outside my back door are still flying around, hunting and eating bugs and so interesting and entertaining me.

And this lovely weather we’re having! If this is Winter, then I’m enjoying Winter very much, except for the chilly times in the evening and the morning … But I look at our indoor/outdoor temperature gauge, and it is now warmer inside than it is outside (in the shade). And the sun is shining, so I don’t have to feel as guilty about using the power for the heating (air conditioner). Our solar panels are doing their job, and even if we’re not making all of the power we’re using, at least we’re making some of it.

Thinking about the seasons, and the plants leads me to the novel I’ve been playing with. I get excited and write a bit, then something else needs to be done and this work in progress stops progressing. Again. I’m much more excited about the idea of being a novelist than I am about actually writing a novel, that’s the problem. I play with little bits of writing, and the longer novel form seems like too much of an ongoing thing.

Will Spring really help me get something happening here, with this novel? Maybe yes, maybe no. But at least other bits of writing happen. I have a book that will almost certainly be ready to launch at the end of July, at the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words 2017. The text (my part of it) is almost all written and in a document, and the other bits are on their way, and there’s still more than a full month before I need to have it. Something to be proud of for sure.

And isn’t that something we all need in our lives? Something to be proud of ourselves for. If you’ve done things in your life you’re proud of, feel free to tell us about it – leave a comment here!


Writing Group Theme

I am a member of a weekly writing group. We meet on a Thursday night, or have done up until this week. Last week we decided to meet on Monday night instead, so that one of the members who’s work kept him unavailable now on Thursday nights, could attend.

I was fine with this new arrangement, and set off on Monday evening to meet up with two other members to then journey on to the home where the meeting would be held.   It was a good plan…

The reality, however, was not good. I was on the Gawler bypass, travelling in a southerly direction, when I ran over some truck tyre debris. I lost my steering and hit the safety fencing in the centre of the road, thereby avoiding a terrible crash. Instead my car spun around and I ended up stopped on the other side of the road, the passenger side, where it was safe.

I saw a car pull up behind and I stayed there, thinking about the situation. I was unhurt, but I was sure the car was damaged. The wonderful woman who stopped came over to my car and invited me to go and sit in her car while she rang the police. I was happy to do as she suggested.

The woman, told me she was Amy, I told her my name and we both waited for the police. Amy said she saw the whole thing, and the accident wasn’t my fault. Another woman arrived and then another man. The second woman was Maggie and the man’s name may have been Roger, I’m not sure. All of them were lovely and helpful. Roger cleared away the bits that had fallen from my car.

When the police officer arrived, Amy told him what she saw. He asked me what happened, and he called the ambulance. Two ambos arrived eventually and checked me out. They were prepared to take me to the hospital if I felt I needed it. I said I felt was physically OK and was told to call them again if I felt worse at all.

All of these people were lovely, and I wasn’t made to feel a fault at all. I was left with only the police officer eventually. We waited for my husband Graham to arrive, and the tow truck to arrive too. The car was completely unable to be driven.

I had rung my writing group to tell them I wasn’t coming to the meeting, and the reason why. I also rang my husband so he could come and take me home.

The writing group often sets a theme for the  next meeting, and I was amused the following day to find out the theme was going to be ‘Cars’. I certainly have a few new things to write about cars.

As a writer, I take my life’s experiences and use them in my writing. I’m thinking about cars right now, the thoughts spinning around in my head like my car was spinning around on the road on Monday night. I’m glad a few things from Monday night – I was wearing my seat belt, the safety fence did its job well, I wasn’t injured, no-one else was involved and I met some lovely people.

Now I just have to wait for my insurance company to decide what happens with the car, and my life can get back to normal. I’m glad to have told this story – always wear your seat belt when you’re in the car!