Too Hot for Gardening!

Being out in the garden is lovely, almost all of the time. There are plenty of cool green things, grass, branches, leaves, and there is often a breeze that blows across the yard, for some extra coolness. But some days the yard can become a no go zone, except for letting Missy our dog outside and back inside, where the air conditioning is.


We do have a swimming pool in the backyard, but swimming in the pool just isn’t something I like to do, it appeals for more to my husband and our son. My main thing I do with the swimming pool is getting creatures out of it, if they fall in and can’t get out. There was a frog there the other day, and I was very glad to move it to a much safer spot. Apparently chlorinated water is deadly to frogs who are in it for too long …

We used to have a pond with fish in it, as well as the pool. The pond is still there, but the goldfish are well and truly gone now. When I get a frog out of the pool, I take them out the back of our place to the pond. The pond is a much same place for frogs!

goldfish piccapsicum

this was one of our home-grown capsicums, yum!

Anyway, after this weekend coming, it will be back to cooler weather again, with the slight possibility of some rain before the following weekend. I don’t know why it is, but the weather forecasts seem to be getting more attention than they used to. Is this because I’m getting older, or is it simply because I have that information close handy on my mobile (cell) phone? I know I look at the weather bureau app on my phone at least once a day, even though I don’t really need to know about the weather most of the time, because I’m inside, safe from the weather.

Looking after the plants, that’s an important thing, definitely. My husband does most of the watering, as well as almost all of the outside work. I’m a very lucky wife, and appreciate what he does! We both like our special plants, our bonsai and so on, which need special care in hot weather, because they’re kept in very shallow pots sometimes, which dry out quickly. Sometimes the watering gets missed for various reasons, but I’m glad that on the most recent occasion, the relevant plant has made a comeback. I hope we can keep this plant going for many more years!


this bonsai is in a deeper pot, which is more suited to its lengthwise growing style …

Our tomato plant though, that’s definitely looking weather affected … The leaves look battered and quite dry, with only few tomatoes growing on it at the moment. I’m not sure if those plants will make as good a come back, and I’m not sure what is planned for further ideas for our vegetable garden. We’ve grown carrots (many years ago) capsicums (more recently), the (cherry) tomatoes, and various others – baby spinach, herbs, and things I’ve forgotten … We’ve always had various herbs growing in pots here, in all of our years of living in the country.

The bonsai interest and the herbs are both things we brought with us when we moved from the suburbs. The interests ‘grew’ even more, and I’m very happy with out results. Between the plants, the property, and our dogs (now only one dog) we have plenty of living things in our lives. There are practically no plants inside though, just two bits of the herb thyme that I’m trying to grow from cuttings. We have a hanging basket with thyme growing in it, and I was wondering the other day if it might be possible to grow thyme in a tiny bonsai pot, of which we have many …

I don’t know whether these cuttings are going to ‘take’ and grow roots, but I’m working at remembering to keep both of them sufficiently watered. I might look into the idea of growing herbs as bonsai plants, it seems like a lovely gift to give to people, a growing thing that can help to heal them … Oh, I’d better head off and do some research, inside where it’s nice and cool!



Pool of Death


It looks innocent enough, this pool, yes? A little untidy perhaps and in need of some work to vacuum the ‘floor’ of it. And perhaps that lawn could be gotten rid of. That chair over on the right could be stood up properly too maybe. But pool of death? Really?

This is a pool in a small township, the photo taken before the summer season starts, when the necessary work will be done more often, and the pool will be kept shiny blue, with no dirt left on the pool bottom. Yes it looks untidy and maybe a little unkempt, but just a few hours before this photo was taken, for dead bodies were removed from the pool water.

The day began as another ordinary day, sun came up, cool and pleasant breeze was blowing, and I was enjoying a little time wandering around on the back veranda enjoying it all. Then I looked over at the pool near the veranda and saw something dark floating on top of the pool. In the interests of tidiness I went and took a look, prepared to scoop up what I thought might be a cluster of leaves.

Closer inspection though, showed the awful truth of it. The ‘cluster of leaves’ was actually a dead starling floating on the water. I looked around for the leaf scoop device and noticed something dark in the pool’s skimmer box. I looked closer, there was another bird, dead, a sparrow this time. I leaned over and removed that bird, placing it at rest a little further away and on the other side of the fence. I came back to the pool and saw a frog, and then another. I removed all of these creatures from the skimmer box, placing the frogs also away from the pool.

Then I got the leaf scooper and reached for and caught the first poor dead bird. I placed this bird also on the other side of the fence. I looked around then, at the sky, and the trees, at our vegetables, herbs and flowers, all growing, alive and vibrant. I thought about it all, and came back inside. Thinking still. The thinking lead to me writing a Facebook post about feeling sad about the deaths. That then lead to the writing of two little poems, lamenting these careless deaths.

Swimming pools are about fun and living for us humans, but things go quite differently for others. The birds like to drink from the pool, flying down low and scooping up the water in their beak. And the frogs of course love water, but the chlorine in the pool isn’t good for them and they die if they stay there for too long …

Anyway, I thought about these things, and this is the poem I wrote about it:


The Pool of Death …


Final flight

Birds, birds, please keep on flying

Birds, please oh please stop your dying

Seeing them in the water, still

There for a sip, but took more than their fill

Young birds, practicing joys of flight

Taking risks, not getting it right?

I don’t know how this ended up

I just know these two took their final sup …



The two that croaked it …

I realise why it tempts them, of course

Frogs and water, a perfect match

But chlorination and filter aren’t safe

for frogs and sadly, that’s the catch …

they jump in, it’s fine, swimming around

diving down deep, then up for a breath

but something is wrong, they’re pulled along

filtration system causes their death …