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Garden Stuff Today

Today I’m more interested in garden-related things, although the dog things still have to happen, put out, let in, cleaned up after, fed and medicated, hour after hour, day after day … But the plants have their own cycles of life and so I was out in the back yard about half an hour ago, tending to one of our plant’s life cycle events.

The relevant plant, or rather plants, are two Cape Honeysuckle bushes that we inherited when we bought our home in the country nearly thirty years ago. We didn’t know what these plants were back then, but we were especially thrilled with them, when they began to flower, with their eye-catching orange red trumpet-like flowers. The shade they gave was excellent too, for the position they’d been planted in, right next to two dog pens. We’d moved to the country to breed dogs, and had moved into a place that at one time was owned by ‘dog people’ previously, so had pens/ kennels and runs already in place.

Anyway, back to the now, It’s the beginning of November, the flowers are finished, and I was looking to see if there were still any seed pods left for trying to germinate more plants from. I have two Cape Honeysuckles beginning to grow from seeds sown some time ago, growing very slowly, and I’m getting impatient, so having more tiny plants to tend to might help me keep motivated. Growing from seed with this plant is supposed to be quick, or at least the germination process is.

So I managed to find a few seed pods, and carefully brought them inside, clenched firmly in my left hand, knowing that if I opened up my fist outside, any of the seeds there would probably blow away in the lovely breeze out there. These seeds have ‘wings’ to help them fly away when they’re ready to go, and I wanted them inside with me in charge, not outside where Nature may or may not manage the task. Given that we don’t have any other Cape Honeysuckle bushes growing around our sizeable place, Nature doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of on-growing more of these plants. Although of course, there’s no telling how far these little seeds may have ‘flown’ to, with the breezes around here …

So I brought my handful of seeds inside, and tipped them out on the newspaper spread on the dining table. There treasure I had was nine seeds. I put the seeds onto a folded up tissue in a little plastic container, put some water over it all, then placed another bit of tissue over the top, and placed it all on the window ledge in the kitchen, which is where this growing experiment has been taking place over the past month. The two plants that germinated from my first lot of seeds are there, planted in those little jiffy pots, and today I’m thinking a little about whether or not they’d be better off if they were planted into actual pots, and taken outside where all of our other plants are … Decisions, decisions …

I’m thinking of heading off to watch some of the lawn bowls happening in the nearest town now, so the plant moving will have to wait for another time. I hope to get some growing action, and I’ll report back here if anything comes of today’s gardening adventure! I love growing my own plants! Do you like growing plants too? I’d love to hear about it! If you do, please leave a comment!