New Poetic Style, New Poem

I have recently discovered a new poetic style, well, new to me anyway. I accidentally found it on a website, and have now written two poems in the style. The form is the Shandorma, and it is a short form, based on a particular syllable count – this one: 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables ie, three syllables in the first line, five in the second line, three in the third and fourthΒ  lines,Β  and five in the sixth line. A Shandorma poem can be just that, a six line poem, or you can do two or more verses in the same style.

You may be wondering what this poetic discussion has to do with dogs and gardening, but there are a few different reasons why. The first is simply that the poem below is based on dogs and by inference, a garden. Also, I think this little form of poem is ideal fro those simple thoughts one might have, when outside in the garden. You can carry a little notebook and pencil in your pocket, ready to scribble any thought that may become a Shadorma!

So here is my Gardendog Shandorma Poem:



Wishful Thinking …


Birds outside,

dogs inside, waiting –

I open door,

they rush past,

are they hungry, or hopeful?

Back inside, dinner …


Β© Carolyn Cordon 2017


What do you think? I may write another one soon, about something I saw earlier today when I was out in the garden … It wasn’t enough to go on about too much, but it felt worth recording somehow. Ah, yes, I’ll write that poem now! and … Bang, it’s doneΒ  the first draft of the poem is below:


One Small Thing …


let it drown,

leave it to Nature

or step in

save bee’s life?

I decide, grass stalk ready –

bee holds, then flies off …