Keeping Things Cool

When the weather heats up, it’s time to cool things down, whether in the garden or inside, coolness is a treasured thing … We’re fortunate to have good air conditioning inside our main room, and have the funds to easily pay for the power it uses. And outside in the backyard with have a green lawn, and shade on it for at least half of everyday, if we go outside.

I tried on and wore a dress I’d forgotten I had today, and that was certainly cool, no sleeves, and a comfortable fit for me, where I suspect it had been quite a bit tighter when I first got the dress. I’m not really a ‘dress’ kind of person, but who knows, maybe I could become one. Before I can wear the dress out, and away from home, I need to deal with the forests that are my legs though, a bit too hairy for comfort!

I wonder about that ‘too hairy’ thing though. Why can men show off hairy legs, but women usually opt for the tedium of hair removal when it crops up where ‘ladies’ shouldn’t be hairy? I have a spot on my chin that persistently wants to grow, and I tend to the wayward hairs a few times a week. My arms have hair on them, but not an excessive amount of hair, I don’t think, so I leave them well alone, and have never had comments about too much hair there.

My legs though, they need to have hair removed, or covered up. Most of the time, I wear pants when I go out, and so can leave my legs unshaven … Dresses though, in the hot summer we seem to be heading to, they will mean I have to deal with the hair, lest a spider feel I’ve stolen their legs … I’ve been told in the past hairy legs look like spiders legs, but can’t remember who said it.

along came a spider

Anyway, hairy legs are not a good look, unless one is intent of making a point about freedom, and who knows what else. I’ll keep the undergrowth clipped short, so as not to frighten anyone, or wear pants instead of dresses for the same reason.

Shaving is my main method of ridding my legs of hair, but I’m open to other methods, if I can be convinced of a better way. If you have your own hair removal method, please comment here, and give your ideas on the whole subject, I’m quite interested in thoughts on this one!


Not much happening in the garden!

Visits to the garden have been limited to a quick toilet break and back inside for the dogs, these crazy-hot days we’ve been having! The temperature today has been around 45 or more for most of the day, and that’s 45 degrees celsius, not fahrenheit! It’s down to 41. something now, but that’s still too freaking hot!

It is summer here though, so I suppose hot weather isn’t that unexpected… I’m very glad our air conditioner works well – without that, I don’t know how I would be getting on. Whenever I go outside with the dogs (which I don’t do that much), I feel heat affected. I’m so sorry for everyone without access to good air conditioning at times like this. Having multiple sclerosis in summer is not fun for me and for most other suffers. I’m hoping I will receive a yes for my application for a concession from the South Australian Government for our heating and cooling costs.

The air conditioner uses lots of energy of course. It’s worth paying for it, if it enables me to keep on going, pottering around inside doing little jogs, or tap tapping at the keys here on the computer keyboard. I’m so glad we bit the bullet and got as many solar panels installed as possible. Another few panels would be good, but what we have makes for much lower electricity bills than we’d have with the panels.

It’s surely a short sighted government that would seek to cut back assistance for people to have solar panels put in where it’s appropriate? That’s what I think anyway – solar is good, wind power is good, and tide, and thermal sound fantastic too. Australia should be leading the world in these matters, not reluctantly trailing behind.