Well, this warmer change is certainly nice, and the likelihood of a swim in our pool has risen. But with warmer weather of spring and summer, where I live, come snakes.


This is a brown snake and looks like the one that lost its life in our backyard this morning. The main difference between the two is that the one in the backyard no longer had its head attached to its body. One of our dogs, the youngest one – Missy – had been playing with the snake. My husband got his hoe and cut its head off. So the snake was dead, and had almost stopped moving when I first saw it. I think it would have stopped moving now, it’s in a lidded container.

Missy wasn’t entirely triumphant though. She may have damaged the snake, but the snake bit her. We rushed her to the closest vet clinic, and we’re hoping they can save her. It’s not a definite thing, it depends on how her body reacts to the treatment she’s getting. And if she gets worse, the cost will go up and up, until it may get the stage where we can’t afford any more treatment and have to let her go. I truly hope that doesn’t happen, it’s the cruelest decision a person with a pet ever has to make…

At the moment, I’m thinking about ways to cover our vet bill, and hoping to make it through without too much stress, financial or emotional. And worrying about poor Missy, who certainly bit off a lot more than she’d realised.